At age 7 1/2 my center console cover in my 2012 Touareg decided it was not going to unlatch any more. The hinging latching mechanism is made from metal and not easy to defeat. To regain access I had to dis-assemble it from the rear of the center console. Here are the steps I took. Too bad I can't post pictures or I would.

1) I went to O'reillys auto parts store and bought a set of nylon flat blade auto interior trim removal tools for $15, you'll need them too.

2) Using one of the trim tools, pry either the storage cubby or the air vent module out of the rear of the center console first. Then remove the other. There is a temperature sensor wiring connector on the air vent which you need to disconnect. I used a needle nose pliers to twist the keeper out of the way and unplug the connector halves. Both the air vent and the storage cubby are held in place by spring metal clips on the sides and they push back in when the job is done.

3)On each side of the console rear cover, near the rear edge where the air vent module was located you will see a screw that must be removed. You'll need a T20 tool to remove it. I bought a set of L shaped Torx drives at Home Depot for about $12. There are 4 more T20 screws further in that you will be removing later.

4) Using the trim tools, start at the bottom of the rear console cover and pry it loose and toward the rear. You should be able to get the bottom to swing out several inches. It will pivot at the top where it is still clipped in place. If you can do it by feel, try to disconnect the power connectors from the 120v inverter module near the bottom, the 12v socket at the top, and the 120v socket at the top. If you can't disconnect them yet, do it after the next step.

5)The rear cover is now held in place only by plastic clips along the top. Tilt the rear console open only far enough to get a grip on it, or grip it from the inside if you can. Firmly pull the entire cover slightly upward and toward the rear of the car. It should pop loose. Use caution not to yank it too far and put strain on the wires still attached.

6)Disconnect all the remaining wires from the cover assembly and set it aside.

7)Remove the 4 screws on the right and left sides attaching the console lid hinge bracket to the console. mark the screw hole locations on the bracket for reassembly.

8)Remove the hinge bolt and nut at the upper right and left that attach the console cover frame to the hinge bracket.

9)Tap the hinge bracket upward with a hammer and remove it.

10) The console cover will now lift off.

My latch release mechanism is broken but I found if I pushed the latches into the console cover they would stay there. I covered them with some electrical tape just to help make sure they don't latch again. There may be a way to take the console cover apart and fix the latch but I'm not going to bother with it.

Reassemble in the reverse order.

It took me about 5 hours to figure this out without breaking anything but I could probably do it in 1 hour now. Good Luck!