VWVortex.com - 2013 CC R-Line w/ DSG. Dealer says internal modular failure. Am I done?
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    Thread: 2013 CC R-Line w/ DSG. Dealer says internal modular failure. Am I done?

    1. 05-13-2019 10:17 AM #1
      131,000 miles. Wouldn't shift up from 1st gear or engage into reverse. The day before it did the same but I unhooked the battery for a few minutes, reconnected, and then it shifted fine. Acted up again Day 2, but battery disconnect didn't cure it. Towed it to dealer and their master technician diagnosed an internal module failure in the tranny. Said it can't be fixed and can only be remedied by a new transmission. For a mere $6000. A highly regarded local private transmission shop quoted the same. Too many miles to put that much into her. Just last month trade-in value was under $3000. Any suggestions for repairs, or just put on the market for sale as-is? Thanks.

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    3. 05-14-2019 02:01 AM #2
      If it's a mechatronics failure, it is possible to just replace that. However, even that would be a few thousand dollars for a new one include installation.

      If you are handy, and very lucky, it's just the solenoids on the mechatronics, and that you can do yourself for a few hundred dollars. But you'd have to do it yourself.

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