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    Thread: 16v 2.0L ABA what's required

    1. 05-14-2019 11:12 PM #1
      I'm currently building a 16v ABF clone out of a 16v head from a 86 scirocco and a 2.0L ABA block out of a 94 cabrio OBD1. What extra parts do I require will the ABA piston and rods work or will I need to source ABF internals. Also for the throttle body should I get a G60 throttle body or get the square to round adapter for the ABA throttle body? There's so many mixed posts and threads it's hard to get a direct answer.

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    3. 05-16-2019 12:20 AM #2
      You need a 2.0 16V auxillary shaft and oil pump gear
      You need a block off plate for the block vent which you need to vent.

      You can use the ABA pistons, etc and get a 9:1 ish compression or get ABF pistons or just get some forged big bore 12:1 something.
      If you are not going to run this on CIS or carbs, go mega squirt and use the appropriate TB
      I would suggest a CIS based system would be the easiest.

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