So heres my headache, the short short version.
I had a water pump belt fail which I DIY'd and replaced (replaced the pump too, **** what a bitch). At the same time I also preformed a valve decarb since I had the intake manifold off.
After putting everything back together (new seals and whatnot) when I start the engine the starter doesn't stop cranking after the key is released after it springs back to the normal running position.
I have vag-com and can see that the ignition switch is changing values when the key is set to 'start' and back 'run' so I don't think it is a ignition switch problem. I can stop it by turning the car off.

I thought I was pretty careful when hooking up the wiring during re-installation, I don't think i missed any connectors or mis-wired it (but if course that could be possible).
It seems like the starter is getting a signal to crank but never gets on to stop cranking. Vag-com doesn't really show any issues with implausible signal or shorts.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions i'd love to hear them, no matter how obvious.

thanks guys!

2010 GTI - 166K - 2.0tsi CFBA