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    Thread: 2007 Passat Gas cap wont open

    1. n00b
      Join Date
      May 15th, 2019
      New York
      2007 VW Passat
      05-20-2019 02:15 PM #1
      Good morning all, I just bought my first VW (used). Its a 2007 Passat and I'm loving the car so far... the only problem is when I bought it, the owner said the only problem was the gas cap door wont open with the button inside the car and he could not find a blown fuse in the panel. He showed me how to open the lid via the lever in the trunk, so its not like i'm without gas at he moment, but I've been trying to figure out what fuse exactly would be the problem and the panel cover to the fuse box doesn't say anything about a specific fuse for the gas cap. Does anyone know what fuse it is that works the release for the gas cap lid OR does anyone know what else might be wrong?

      FYI I'm not all THAT car savvy, so the more detail or information you could give me the better. I really appreciate your help

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    3. 11-22-2019 02:10 AM #2
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