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    Thread: 12V VR6 - MK4 Jetta Wagon Issues

    1. 05-24-2019 07:23 PM #1
      Hello all,

      Long time lurker, first-time poster. Initially, I had a MK4 TDI Jetta sedan which I spent all my time researching over on TDI Club. After it got totaled out, I picked up a MK4 Jetta Wagon which needed alot of TLC. So far, its been a money pit but I feel like its slowly getting to the point to where I can reliably take it on extended trips. That is...until I had the issue today. I drove the car to the gym this morning and all was normal. Post workout, I fired it up and the car stalled after about two seconds and the EPC light came on. From there, I had to keep a decent amount of throttle on it just to keep the car from stalling at idle. I limped it home, did a VCDS scan and cleared the codes. Re-started the car and it idled fine...From there, I drove it to work and made it approx 20 mins away with no issues and no CELs. Now down to what's been done.

      Yesterday 5/23/19
      -Replaced MAF with Bosch unit
      -Replaced Coil Pack as the OEM was cracked. The replacement was an Amazon/China special.
      -Replaced the plug wires (BREMI)

      -Replaced oil cover gasket as my OEM one was dry and cracked, puking oil. Replaced upper intake gaskets at the same time. Cleaned out TB and did a TB reset with VCDS.
      -Found that the upper timing chain guide was cracked and broken in half (bought the car with a rattle). Replaced the upper timing chain guide with an OEM VW part. **NOTE: During this, I was afraid that I had skipped a tooth on the timing chain/Cams but reassembled the engine and then turned it over by hand with the plugs out. Everything spun over with no resistance and when I re-installed the plugs, it fired right up and idled fine.
      -Everything else done has been mechanical which is a non-issue when it comes to what I'm seeing (shocks, shafts, wheel bearings, etc.)

      What I've noticed is that when I start the car, after its been sitting for a while, it idles up really high (~1100 RPM) until the SAI pump kicks on then it idles down to the normal ~800 RPM. The motor has a bit of a rough idle but not something that I would consider extremely rough. Is this normal?

      -2001 MK4 Jetta VR6 12V
      -5 SPEED
      -APPROX 290K Miles
      -Not sure of previous owners timing chain mx so kindof flying blindly here.

      From VCDS:

      VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.2
      Friday, 24 May 2019, 10:06:07:576

      Chassis Type: 1J - VW Golf/Bora IV
      Scan: 01,02,03,08,15,16,17,19,22,29,35,36,37,39,46,47,55 ,56,57,75,76

      Address 01: Engine Labels: 021-906-018-AFP.LBL
      Controller: 021 906 018 M
      Component: MOTRONIC ME7.1 G 6760
      Coding: 00031
      Shop #: WSC 25434
      VCID: 184349236B8B
      5 Faults Found:
      17978 - Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer (Due to an intermittent driver door switch - needs to still be fixed
      P1570 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
      16717 - Knock Sensor 2 (G66): Signal too High
      P0333 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
      16712 - Knock Sensor 1 (G61): Signal too High
      P0328 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
      17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich Assume this is a bad cat causing this
      P1137 - 35-00 - -
      16825 - EVAP Emission Control Sys: Incorrect Flow
      P0441 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
      Readiness: 0000 0000

      Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1C0-907-37x-ASR.LBL
      Controller: 1C0 907 379 D
      Component: ASR FRONT MK60 0103
      Coding: 0018945
      Shop #: WSC 01317
      VCID: 2B2986EFCA1D
      No fault code found.

      Address 15: Airbags Labels: 6Q0-909-605-VW5.LBL
      Controller: 6Q0 909 605 F
      Component: 03 AIRBAG VW6 0202 0004
      Coding: 12339
      Shop #: WSC 01317
      VCID: 3A07B3AB3547
      1 Fault Found:
      00532 - Supply Voltage B+ Pretty lost on this one
      07-10 - Signal too Low - Intermittent

      Address 17: Instruments Labels: 1J0-920-xx5-17.LBL
      Controller: 1J0 920 905 J
      Component: A4-KOMBIINSTR. VDO V09
      Coding: 07232
      Shop #: WSC 01317
      VCID: 2E2F8FFBF90F
      IMMO-IDENTNR: VWZ7Z0A3677292
      No fault code found.

      Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 6N0-909-901-19.LBL
      Controller: 6N0 909 901
      Component: Gateway K<->CAN 0001
      Coding: 00006
      Shop #: WSC 01317
      VCID: F093D183A3BB
      No fault code found.

      Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 1J0-959-799.LBL
      Controller: 1J0 959 799 AJ
      Component: 8Y Zentral-SG Komf. 0001
      Coding: 04096
      Shop #: WSC 01317
      VCID: 867F975BB13F
      2 Faults Found:
      00953 - Interior Light Time limit assume this is related to the intermittent driver door switch
      25-00 - Unknown Switch Condition
      00943 - Heated Exterior Mirror; Driver Side (Z4) Driver door mirror heaters dead
      35-00 - -

      End --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Anyone got any idea where to go here? Could a bad coil pack be causing a bad enough misfire that the knock sensors are seeing it? The old coil pack (I assume) was causing a miss as well which could be felt under acceleration as jerking or lag. May have to fish it out of the trash to try and slave back in tomorrow to see if it corrects this new issue...

      Also, does anyone know why the Central Convenience module shows up as A4-KOMBIINSTR? In Vagcom, the data that populates the screen looks to be either German or Czech as I cannot make out anything it's displaying in the text fields while the other modules are in English.

      Lastly, one thing to mention - I went to start it at the house before heading to the gym and waited too long. The intermittent switch caused the convenience module to relock the car and arm the alarm before I got the key in the ignition. I started the car in this condition and the alarm went off. From there I killed the car, yanked the key and hit the unlock on the remote to disable the alarm/immobilizer. Got it disabled and then restarted the car with no issues.

      I've compared these codes against the ross-tech site and for the knock sensors, it doesn't say much except torque knock sensor or possible engine damage. As I've been driving for about a week, I would think that engine damage (had it been done) would have been immediate and not delayed.

      Thanks in advance for any help that ya'll may give or any insights you can give!

      And because we all like pictures, loaded up and headed home the day I found it.
      Last edited by Tekker; 05-24-2019 at 07:58 PM. Reason: Additional Info

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    3. 05-25-2019 07:42 PM #2
      Just to update:

      Drove it to work last night and back home. None of the issues have re-reared their ugly head... still waiting for someone with any idea of what could have happened.

    4. 05-28-2019 06:41 PM #3
      Noticed that during driving today, there is a lack of power in the low RPM bands which clears up around 3K RPM. Almost as if the car had a turbo that didn't spool till 3K. During highway speed driving, this isn't really noticeable (obviously). Is there any way that this could relate to the codes that VCDS picked up? Initial revs are still high (1500~ RPM) until the SAI kicks in which drops them into the 8-900 range from there. This only occurs when the car is started for the first time of the day..

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    6. 05-29-2019 08:44 PM #4
      Mods - Can you please move this to:

      2.8l 12v VR6 Engine Forum
      Discussion area for the 2.8 liter 12-valve VR6 motor.

      Maybe it will get more traction over there.

      Evening bump after clearing codes:

      Drove it to work and logged for the duration of the drive with VCDS. During Idle Blocks 032(1) hover around -4.1 % (Adaptation (Idle) Bank 1 Sensor 1) & 4.7% for Blocks 032(2) for Adaptation (Partial) Bank 1 Sensor 1. At cruise, (70mph - 5th gear) its around -4.1 & 8.6 for blocks 032 and ~1.5 for block 33 values, which seem reasonable in terms of trim.

      Blocks 033 had me confused. At idle, Lambda Control Bank 1 Sensor 1 was reading from -17.2 to -27.3. I cannot find out what this correlates to but it must mean that there is a rich condition at idle as I smell a strong gas odor in the exhaust.

      Before I cleared the codes and it looks like the two pertaining to this situation had reset:

      2 Faults Found:
      16712 - Knock Sensor 1 (G61): Signal too High
      P0328 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
      17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich
      P1137 - 35-00 - -
      Readiness: 0000 1000

      Does anyone know if a rich running condition can lead to a flooding/knocking situation which could trigger the 16712 code? I plan to test the FPR either tonight or tomorrow to try and see if fuel rail pressure is actually reading correctly.. If anyone has any sort of idea of a direction to go with this, I am all ears as I mainly have experience with the TDI's...

      Also, even though I changed out the MAF with a new unit, I will try to do an unplug test to see if maybe I got a bad unit out of the box. I also will do a TB relearn/reset this evening with VCDS to see if that helps...

      Ultimately, that knock sensor code is really making me scared to drive this thing.

      Last edited by Tekker; 05-29-2019 at 08:50 PM.

    7. 05-31-2019 02:31 PM #5
      Another CEL popped today after leaving the gym. Pulled the code out of the ECM and there was only one code set.

      VCDS-Lite Version: Release 1.2
      Friday, 31 May 2019, 11:34:16:576
      Control Module Part Number: 021 906 018 M
      Component and/or Version: MOTRONIC ME7.1 G 6760
      Software Coding: 00031
      Work Shop Code: WSC 25434
      VCID: 184349236B8B
      1 Fault Found:
      17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich
      P1137 - 35-00 - -

      Did some hunting around in VCDS trying to find a culprit to this (even though I suspect the cat is bad along with a bad fwd 02 sensor). Found under group 060 that TB Adaptation is really screwed up, which could be part of my drivability issues. During Idle - Throttle Valve Sensor 1 (G187) is at 12.9%, Throttle Valve Sensor 2 (G188) is at 86.7%. Are these supposed to be inverses of each other? I also have an ERROR in block 4 refercing the result of the TB Adaptation that I cannot get to read OK, no matter how many times I try to re-learn the adaptation.

      Anyone have any thoughts? Bad TB? cricket...cricket...

    8. 06-03-2019 03:04 PM #6
      I will not be updating this thread any longer as it's gaining no traction. All new posts will be over on the thread in the 2.8L VR6 forum. Thanks

      Link to the thread : https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...#post113407217

    9. 06-10-2019 08:27 PM #7
      Hey - sounds like a faulty O2 sensor and/or clogged cat.
      Sorry for a delayed reply, on my initial read through I read that you changed coil packs on your mk4 tdi. And I was convinced that if you figured out how to do that, I wasn't going to be able to help you find your @$$ with both hands...

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    10. Member
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      06-10-2019 09:54 PM #8

    11. 06-11-2019 01:49 AM #9
      Seriously read it incorrectly!

      I have gotten an absolute @$$load of information and help from these forums and try to give back if I can, even if it's to say I can't help...

      I am sincerely apologetic to the OP I know how frustrating it is when the only response you get is from crickets.

      In my defense, if he did functionally install coils on a TDI, there was nothing I could offer...

      Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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      2010 Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0T

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