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    Thread: Scca mk1 questions

    1. 05-25-2019 05:28 PM #1
      Hello everyone,,
      I'm building a scirocco in my sig. I have a few questions though. If I were to get Into say club racing or just track day events. Would they even allow my car to compete? What supporting mods would I have to run? Cage, harness ect. Just fig I'd get an idea while mobdro lucky patcher kodi waiting for my rule book to appear in the mail...
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      05-31-2019 12:02 PM #2
      Track days, club racing and auto-x are very different venues.

      Track days I've done typically only require a safety inspection to ensure the vehicle has no leaks, ample brake pad, decent tires, seat belt, approved helmet, etc. No cage required and most stock "street" cars are welcome as well as highly modified vehicles. You will be classed with others of similar driving experience so you'll likely run in a "beginner" group and some even provide an instructor to ride along which is nice if you are truly a beginner.

      Auto-x - similar to track days but you will also be classified on the car's modifications.

      Club racing - I've never done any so I'll let someone more knowledgeable answer that one.

      I'd say get the car reliable and sorted then do a couple of autox events and a track day. They are super fun and will test you and your car's ability before shelling out big money to compete wheel to wheel.

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