VWVortex.com - 93 ABL Engine and 5 Speed Transmission Price: $1250
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    Thread: 93 ABL Engine and 5 Speed Transmission Price: $1250

    1. Member
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      Jul 3rd, 2003
      Stafford, Va.
      96 glx b4v tdi
      06-05-2019 08:26 AM #1
      I drove this EV from Atlanta to Virginia to swap a TDI engine into it. The engine ran flawlessly and transmission shifted smoothly. Once I got it here, I pulled it out and started preparing for the tdi transplant. I no longer need this gas engine and tranny. If you have uber miles on your engine, or the automatic tranny is failing, this is the package for you. I can't provide many answers, but if you have one I'll certainly try to.

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    3. 06-30-2019 09:14 AM #2

      I believe you mean your engine is a 2.5L gasser which would be an AAF. ABL is a 1.9L turbo diesel T4 engine available in Europe.

    4. Semi-n00b
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      Oct 22nd, 2015
      Houston Texas
      1995 Rialta
      09-16-2019 10:05 AM #3
      Is this still available? And can you provide some information on the TDI Swap

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