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    Thread: 6 speed transmission valve body repair HKN

    1. Junior Member
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      Mar 30th, 2018
      Phaeton W12 2006
      06-10-2019 10:01 AM #1

      I have a 3.0tdi 2006 phaeton 09L HKN transmission. I'm experiencing slipping in 2-3 gear under hard acceleration.(revs up and then shifts very hard into 4 gear). Sometimes i get RDSN on and lip mode, and error 001842 Gear 2 - P0732 incorrect ratio.

      I replaced the fluid but it didn't helped, the fluid wasn't burnt and I've found no metal parts on the magnets.

      Im planning to replace all mechatronics sleeve seals like this one

      The question is, will this fit ?


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    3. 06-10-2019 12:04 PM #2
      For the amount of trouble and expense you're going to go through to install these relatively cheap parts, why on earth would you mess around with Chinese knock-offs that may or may not fit?? You can buy fairly inexpensive ZF parts from official suppliers and guarantee they'll fit by giving them the details from the tag on the side of your specific transmission. I don't know much about the HP21, but for the HP19 variant in the Phaeton the BMW seals don't all fit, and neither does the filter. I doubt these seals will help your problem either. The issue is probably with the valve body itself, either the solenoids or, more likely, the internal pressure. There are rebuild kits available for the valve body, but splitting it is not simple, and it really needs to be pressure tested afterwards before reinstallation.

    4. Senior Member PowerDubs's Avatar
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      Jul 22nd, 2001
      06-10-2019 01:40 PM #3
      I’ve swapped a Phaeton valve body myself, but I would never try to rebuild one.

      Either spend the money and buy a new one, or pay a shop that knows what they’re doing to rebuild and will warrantee the work.

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    6. 06-10-2019 03:06 PM #4
      I would rebuild, there is lots of documentation and videos around the web and at least you know for sure it is done and done right, rather than just rinsed in parts cleaner and sold as refurbished.
      I would use proper parts though, as said.

    7. 06-10-2019 03:19 PM #5
      I've also swapped a valve body and looked at the procedures for rebuilding. I have to agree with Josh, I wouldn't split one myself. I think there's at least one person I recall who had one rebuilt, but as Josh says, look for somewhere that will warranty their work (you're the warrantee, the company is the warrantor and supplies the warranty, just for clarity!).

    8. Junior Member
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      Mar 30th, 2018
      Phaeton W12 2006
      06-10-2019 05:45 PM #6
      The link with Chinese parts was just for reference, i wasn't sure about the seal between the transmission and valve body because there are several similar.
      According to ETKA this is the right one 09L 325 443.

      Unfortunately rebuilding the valve body in my country it's not an option.

      Any suggestion for official zf suppliers in Europe ?

      Found this one ebay, it says original zf parts.

      Also there is one more symptom for transmission, it's engaging reverse very slow 3-4 second, and none of issues are temperature related, it behaves the same cold or hot.

    9. 06-11-2019 08:51 AM #7
      Where in Europe are you? ZF parts and service is much more readily available there than in the US. Depending on how far away you are, you can drive to Dortmund and have ZF themselves service it for you. Your symptoms all sound valve body related to me. I don't believe that kit will fit, the seal in the top left of the picture is extra-long on the Phaeton variant of the HP19.

    10. Junior Member
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      Mar 30th, 2018
      Phaeton W12 2006
      06-11-2019 05:32 PM #8

      I'm in Romania, meanwhile i was able to find an authorized zf distributor in Bucharest. One more thing related to the issue, in "manual" mode it doesn't that bad slip.
      I'll will take the valve body out clean it and replace solenoids and seals.

      When i replaced the fluid last weekend i discovered the fluid was yellow (lifeguard 6) i think.
      The firmware revision is 2204 which i believe it should use the green one lifeguard 8 ?
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    11. 06-12-2019 09:05 AM #9
      Yes, the gold/yellow fluid is Lifeguard 6. If you've already removed and replaced the fluid, the valve body isn't much more difficult to remove, but be careful with the plastic guide that holds the wires, it's very brittle and weak. I swapped the solenoids around on mine but it didn't make any difference (mine was different problem from yours). I'm not sure about shipping to Romania, but you can buy kits here like this one that include the fluid, filter, etc, but I think you're going to need the full Sonnax valve body kit like this one. I thought I had another link to a transmission parts place in California, but I can't find the link, they had a more complete kit with the oil guide seals, etc. Be careful if you buy a kit that includes the pan seal, there are two types with either 13 or 24 bolts, yours is probably the 24 (I think it's 24, it's been a while). When removing the valve body also be careful with the bolt lengths. A couple of the bolts are longer than the others, so make sure you note which holes those come out of.

      This thread was extremely helpful when I removed mine. It's for a BMW transmission, but the procedure is identical, the only differences are the seals.

    12. Junior Member
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      Mar 30th, 2018
      Phaeton W12 2006
      06-12-2019 04:29 PM #10
      This document would've helped you with your problem.

      Also this forum thread

      I disassembled a valve body from 5HP24 W12 transmission for a worn pressure regulator

      Also in my case, reading table at page 47 in the attached pdf, i think it's impossible to have a worn clutch that cause slip only in 1-2-3 gears, it should've be also for gear 4.

    13. 06-12-2019 04:49 PM #11
      Mine seems to have fixed itself. It took around 20k miles, but it now performs pretty much as the original one did. I'm hoping that the transmission will now last at least as long as the rest of the car!

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