Hey guys,
First off incase you were wondering my other account I'm locked out of since I got locked out of my email a few years back.
I used to own a Black MK6 2012 GLI, that's gone now since I moved out of the country so i have the BBS i put on them; used wobble bolts to fit them for 5x112.
There are 3 Kumho Ecsta tires and 1 Pirelli P Zero with decent thread on it, check the pics they're not bad, but i suggest you get new tires come winter since these sucked in the winter but they will do in the time being.
I don't have time to ship but if you want to meet up within the North Jersey area i may consider it.
You can text me at six zero nine 997 fourteen sixteen, if you have offers or questions feel free.
Excuse my pixelated pic of them on my car. Its all i could find on instagram xD

internet dice