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    Thread: Beware of usp motorsport!!! Negative Feedback

    1. 06-11-2019 01:50 AM #1
      Last month I Purchased DKM Twin Disk Clutch kit, I ordered this on their website on 5.9.17. Got an email stating that they received the order and was thinking ok great. The next day I got an opportunity to get a car that I really being eyeing on getting so I did, emailed USP stating that I had ordered the clutch kit but will no longer need it anymore, apologized for the mess and asked if they could cancel the order before it shipped out. An hour later I got a email from Nick at USP Stating that the cancellation request was filed and that it clear out their system that day and the refund will be processed but see it with in 4-7 days.

      Ok no problem,
      Monday 5.13.19 3:13PM
      Get a generated email from USP stating that my Order has been shipped out.

      Wednesday 5.15.19 10AM
      Clutch kit arrives at my door.

      5.15.19 10:16AM
      I email Nick at USP to let him know that the clutch arrived at my door even though I had stated previously that I wanted the order to be cancelled and this should have happened. Nick responds in an email stating that it was directly shipped from the manufacture and that they ship it out prior the cancellation was processed.

      Not a problem sometimes this happens, or so I thought.

      5.15.19 5:32PM
      Nick sent me a reutrn label to ship the clutch kit back to the manufacture, states in email to use this label to ship back. But also that 15% restocking fee will have to be applied for the return. I inquire to Nick how much is the restocking fee is
      the fee is 209.25.
      Thats right 209.25 for a product that was not even pulled out of the shipping box, never opened, not touched in any shape way or form. So I get to pay 209.25 for a kit that was supposed to be cancelled. Strike one, this sucks but whatever.

      Friday 5.17.19 1:50PM
      Dropped off the clutch to UPS with shipping label provided by Nick for return. UPS takes it give me receipt with tracking number.

      1:59 PM
      I Send Nick email with Photos of package in current condition, on the scale at UPS and the tracking number on the receipt (Actual photo of receipt), stating that these are for his reference. So that I dont get charged for anything else, and as proof that this was sent out.

      3:01 PM
      Get a response email from Nick stating thanks for the picture and will let me know when the vendor credits them so that I can get my refund.

      -Waiting Period-

      Between 5.20.19 to 5.30.19
      I was waiting to hear from USP, I hear nothing. But I also understand that holidays get things delayed, so I was thinking it got delayed a bit. But heard nothing, I was tracking the package on UPS website with the tracking number.

      Friday 5.31.19 2:09PM
      I called UPS to confirm if the package was delivered or not as it was showing it was in transit still. UPS had stated it was delivered and signed by the delivery dock worker at the delivery site, at this point I called USP to see what was going on with the refund as the UPS stated it was delivered on the 5.22.19.

      5.31.19 2:14PM
      I talked to Nick's boss ( at the time I had no idea) but had explained what was going on, told him that I spoke with UPS on the phone just prior to speaking with them. He had stated that they would look into this further and would call me back if there was a delay. I said no problem just let me know.

      Monday 6.3.19 8:05AM
      Got call from Nick left a voicemail on my phone stating was looking into this problem but to call him back. Due to work could call him back right away

      6.3.19 9:01AM
      Called Nick back, he was stating that the Vendor didn't receive anything back yet, and that they where still waiting for the return. Nick then proceed to ask if I had returned the clutch kit. I had told him that in the emails I sent to him there was four pictures that where sent when it was sent back, I pulled up the email chain and let him know what picture where sent to him. Nick proceeded to state that he had no RMA and was wondering what label i was using to send the part back. I had stated to him as that point I used the label that was sent to me by him in an earlier email. Nick stated he didnt have it in his email chain but it was in the their system.

      6.3.19 9:14AM
      I Forwarded the email Nick sent to me with the return label back to Nick to show that it was him that sent me the RMA return label.

      6.3.19 12:09 PM
      Nick sent a reponse email stating thank you, I will reachout to the Vendorand will let you know once I have heard back.

      This is the last of the communication so far. I figured give them sometime before doing this, but now its been a week with no update or status. and every time it me that has to initiate communication, just to be met with excuses. As of now still out of $1400 and no part, I would really think TWICE about evening considering USP Motorsport to order anything from. I have ordered from ECS, Black Forest and others from this forum with no issue. But USP makes no effort to even try to correct this, and now I may have to go further and get the funds put back if no resolution comes from this.
      It was bad enough that a 209.25 restocking fee was going to be assessed for an order that was supposed to be cancelled, but was still delivered but never even removed from the shipping container it was in, I didn't even break the tape. But now it seems they are not willing to refund the product that was shipped back.

      The only thing that I have is all the documentation of this transaction, and still have the return shipment receipt. I can only hope they do the right thing at this point. But people I know have seen what Im going through with this company and refuse to order from as of now, due to their actions.

      If you have to return something to them, good luck getting your money back. Just beware from ordering from them.
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