Last Thursday I had left my lights on while at work. At 01:30 I get a text from a co-worker that I had left my lights on and since I work 2nd shift and I'm pulling a 12hr shift the lights had already been on for 9 hrs. I go out to turn them off, I go to open the door the fracking triggers for left front and rear are pinned to the handles and the rear door handle is pulled almost all the way out. I wanna assume someone wanted get in to turn them off but broke the only 2 door that worked - just so you know I broke the 2 on the other side at least 5 yrs ago.

I am mad as anyone could be at 02:00 and 2 more hrs been for In done with my shift.

So returning at 04:15 climb into the trunk with a coat hanger reaching through the pass thru I'm able the open the left rear door. Climb back out of the trunk and reach around unlocking the driver's door flop in the seat and she fires right up.

I searched vortex for any threads related to Mk3 door handle swap found 3 the oldest in 2006 the latest 2009 and not very encouraging. Pretty bummed since I wanted to try it. Well I found these on Ebay I'm gonna give it a try.

Let's see how this goes.

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