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    Thread: Can't get distributor in correctly.

    1. 06-17-2019 03:46 AM #1
      Hello everyone,,,

      Thanks for reading,
      This is my wife's 63 bug with a 1600 engine (?) I am a good backyard mechanic but I have never worked on an air cooled VW.
      It has never ran right, it has very low miles on the engine but has sat with a once a year spin around the block.
      It had a 009 distributor and I bought a Plextronic flame thrower. I can not get it to run right. Front story, it has a Solex 34 PIC 3 or something like that.
      I rebuilt the carb and got it running with the old mobdro lucky patcher kodi distributor, I could not get it to idle, same problem it had before I rebuilt the carb. Gas is fresh, it runs good, just
      won't idle. The engine has an aftermarket degree pulley. I roll engine to TDC and take note to where the rotor is pointing. I remove the old distributor and install the new Plextronic,
      I read many reviews of this distributor and everyone complained how hard it was to shove in, because the O ring is too thick, well sadly they have not fixed this yet.

      I look down inside the engine at the drive gear, it is positioned correctly, so I rotate the distributor shaft to match and shove it in. As we all know they only go in one way.
      The rotor is pointing to 1:00 oclock. I thought it was supposed to point at 5:00 oclock?
      Now the rotor points to 1:00 oclock which is #2 plug wire with them in the original spots that worked with the 009.
      What am I doing wrong here? The search function isn't much help here.
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    3. Member Jade Wombat's Avatar
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      06-17-2019 06:36 PM #2
      Make sure the crankshaft and camshaft are at #1 cylinder TDC. You have a 50/50 chance of it either being on #1 or #3. The best way to verify is to pop the passenger side valve cover off and make sure both intake and exhaust valves of #1 are closed. But yes, about 1 o'clock is where it should point.

      Did you take the distributor out AND the drive gear or just the distributor?

      If you get it running, absolutely, positively do NOT set the timing by ear. Always use a timing light as air-cooled engines sound best when they're advanced all the way. You'll burn up the motor.

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