I have been having an ongoing issue with the CEL for three years. In 2016 the EPC light came on and the dealer determined it was the low pressure fuel pump. It was replaced and they also replaced the #3 injector (under warranty), as it was sticking open. In March of 2017 the car was running very rough and the CEL was on. The dealer replaced the #4 injector (again under warranty). Three weeks later car was ran rough with an EPC code. Dealer cleared codes, and test drove. Car drove fine and the code did not return. July 2017 CEL is back on dealer found the map sensor for the secondary air system was not sending correct signal and the kombi valve was not moving and is sticking. wanted to replace secondary air pressure sensor and kombi valve. I had the kombi valve sensor replaced at my local repair shop. The CEL came on again in August of 2018. I replaced the PCV, but it still has fault code P2431(Autozone). The car runs fine but I can not get a clear picture of what is wrong. Goodyear wants to replace the secondary air injection pump. I took the car to another repair place and they say the pump is working (and I could hear it running), but can not determine the exact issue. Ideas?