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    Thread: R32 Turbo, VR6 sound gone..

    1. 06-22-2019 07:53 AM #1
      Best all,

      I recently converted my R32 to turbo.

      I didn't expect the nice VR6 sound will dissapear😥

      Have someone experienced this? Have A sollution?

      Best regards

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    3. Member
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      Sep 5th, 2013
      CW MkV R32
      06-24-2019 08:20 AM #2
      I believe one of the sources of the classic noise is the dual length intake that it has from the factory. If you swapped that, it'd probably explain why the noise is gone.

      Either that or something with your new exhaust plumbing is muting it somewhat.

    4. Member ncraba01's Avatar
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      Apr 11th, 2002
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      06-24-2019 03:29 PM #3
      This is common to turbo forced induction. The turbo is in the way of that VR6 growl. I discovered with a MIV owner. If you remove the turbo, it does come back. Sorry.

      I hear supercharged is less impacted. Can anyone confirm?

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    6. 06-25-2019 12:23 PM #4
      The inlet manifold is the original one, I didn't swapped that.

      But the exhaust manifold is now 1, in stead of 2 stand alone exhaust manifolds and 2 pipes.

      And the turbo damps a lot of growl too.

      I'm seriously thinking to take the turbo off, I bought the R32 for the sound, not for the power. Too bad...

    7. 06-25-2019 01:05 PM #5
      I know what you mean, the sound is wonderful! This is why when I have the money, I’m going supercharged.

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