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    Thread: New V10 TDI engine from Touareg to Phaeton

    1. 06-25-2019 08:15 PM #1
      Would replacing engine require another ECUs and such? Auto parts store sold my mechanic 507.00 spec instead of 505.01/506.01 spec for my Phaeton V10 AJS/AYH. According to what I read here it was the culprit for destroyed camshafts in the car. I have found new engine from Touareg but I don't know engine code. It's great find, $1200 for 90.000 kilometers engine. It does seem shady not because of price because this is bosnia, no one would pay $5000 for another engine, they would rather scrap the car. But mileage is shady because it's 2003 MY.
      IF it really is legit, is engine swapping just installing it, because the old engine is out already? Or I'm better to just install new cams on my original engine? Thanks!

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    3. 06-26-2019 07:59 AM #2
      Sounds like trouble to me. Bosnia V-10 engine? with out any inspection or way to confirm condition? Hummm. Rebuild the engine you know if you want to keep the car. I assume you are in the EU somewhere.

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