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    Thread: 02M Death Rattle

    1. 06-27-2019 07:45 AM #1

      New to the 02M transmissions. I've had the 020 opened up a few times.

      I have an 02M with a peloquin on my VR6 Turbo. It had some use/abuse by the previous owner, not many miles by myself but it shifts just fine.

      Ran into a problem the other day...I started getting some loud clutch chatter noise while driving and while stopped in neutral with the clutch out. When I pushed the clutch in, the noise would slowly spin down and go silent.

      I thought I had a broken clutch disc spring or loose flywheel bolts but after pulling the transmission, all looks well; however, the input shaft to the transmission has some play in it, both side to side and in/out. Enough to get a "click" sound when I wiggle it. I don't have a way of measuring the play (yet) so pardon my non specific description. I would guess at least .015" in/out and a tad less side to side.

      I'm thinking this is a bearing problem and maybe I shelled one of the bearings which is causing the death rattle sound? I'll be splitting the case and doing my worst, if for nothing else then to save the peloquin for my other 02M. Anybody else ever see this issue? I limped it home about 1/4-1/2 mile and other than the noise, nothing else felt different.

      Anybody know where I can buy the transmission repair manual? I have the two volume hardback bentley and unlike the old A1 version, it doesn't go into transmission teardown/rebuild.

      Last question...how similiar is the 02Q to the 02M? I see tons of 02Qs on ebay for decent prices. Was wondering if I can use the 02M VR6 bellhousing on the 02Q 2.0TSI transmission. I doubt it, but thought I would ask.

      Thanks, I'll update with some pics as I learn this thing.

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    3. 06-28-2019 07:55 PM #2
      Well, I've managed to answer most of my questions through research and a 24 hr subscription to Erwin, downloading everything I could click on.

      Here's the problem:

      So I have a good 02M with a bad case and I'm picking up another early 02M tomorrow. I'm going to swap the gearset on the input shaft and keep the output shafts the same. Any differences should wear in like a new transmission would I assume.

      I have the tools to reset the bearing preload so that will be this weekend's project.

    4. 07-10-2019 07:06 PM #3
      Almost done.

      I need a .97 mm shim. The manual states to measure until you find one that size due to manufacturing tolerances. Is there an acceptable range instead? I planned on just running a .95 and calling it good but that's almost 10% less preload than spec'd.

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    6. 08-18-2019 09:25 PM #4
      You seem to know what you are doing man. From the sound of your description seems I might have the same problem some gear parts broken inside rattling around and what not. My second gear is kinda frozen when trying to shift it in cold temperatures until engine warms up. Now the rattle, thought insides of my transmission are going to fall apart. Any suggestions on good resources for a rebuilt strong transmission that won't break a bank too? I got one for my 90 golf a while back from craftswerk but haven't been able to locate their site if they are still in business.

    7. 08-19-2019 05:24 PM #5
      Which model transmission do you need? Where do you live?

      I have a few people I can recommend.

      Mine is holding up great so far with 18 psi and slicks on a VR6 but I'm not an expert. Be careful if you think you have broken parts, they can easily lock up a gear and cause even more damage.

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