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    Thread: ++ GruvenParts.com: Billet Coolant Head Flanges, Lightweight Pulley Kits, and More for VW's!! ++

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      06-28-2019 11:27 AM #1

      Billet VW/Audi 1.8T Billet Coolant Head Flanges -- NOW IN STOCK !

      GruvenParts.com is happy to release these VW/Audi Billet 1.8T Coolant Head Flanges made from 6061-T651 aluminum and professionally tig welded and 100% pressure tested. This billet aluminum version replaces the crack prone plastic 1.8T head coolant flange P/N 06A-121-132-AP, and is also interchangeable with 06A-121-133-BB, 06A-121-133-J, 06A-121-132-D, 06A-121-132-G, 06A-121-132-Q. (06A121132AP, 06A121133BB, 06A121133J, 06A121132D, 06A121132G, 06A121132Q). This part fits all 2000-2006 Audi TT w/1.8T engine and all 2000-2007 VW Golf/Jetta/337/20AE/GLI with 1.8T engine.


      This part is machined in house like everything else we make (not in China) using one of our 4 axis CNC HAAS milling centers. This part ships with a new Viton base O-ring preinstalled. Just add your coolant temp sensor and bolt it up! We're so sure this will eliminate your crack prone head flange, this part comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

      Options for this part include deleting the heater core outlet, oil cooler outlet, or both.

      And dont forget to also check out our popular billet 1.8T upper radiator hose 4Y and the billet 3Y.

      Billet 1.8T / 1.9TDI / 2.0 Upper Radiator Hose 4Y!

      GruvenParts.com is proud to announce the release of our new BILLET VW/Audi 1.8T / 1.9T / 2.0 Upper Radiator Hose 4Y Pipe to replace the OEM Audi/VW plastic 4Y P/N 1J0-121-087C (1J0121087C)

      This part is found in OEM upper radiator hose P/N’s

      1J0-122-101BL (1J0122101BL),
      1J0-122-101R (1J0122101R),
      1J0-122-101A (1J0122101A),
      1J0-122-101B (1J0122101B),
      8NO-122-101A (8NO122101A),
      8N0-122-101B (8NO122101B)

      GruvenParts.com VW Golf/Jetta and Audi TT 1.8T Coolant Fitting P/N 1J0-122-109AQ

      GruvenParts.com is pleased to announce the release of our MKIV VW Golf/Jetta 1.8T and Audi TT MK1 1.8T Billet Y Pipe made from aircraft grade stainless steel to replace the cheap plastic OEM fitting found on hose P/N 1J0-122-109AQ (1J0122109AQ).

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      Jul 31st, 2007
      Atlanta, GA
      Too many to list !
      07-10-2019 01:31 PM #2

      TT/R32 Rear Adjustable Control Arms

      Click on the picture to visit our product page for up to date pricing info.

      Poly Ends Now With Relocated Zirc Fittings for Easier Access !

      Got a lowered TT or R32 ? Then you already know how the camber and toe become completely out of sorts, causing poor handling and expensive tire wear the more its lowered.

      The GruvenParts adjustable control arms allow for complete rear wheel alignment and feature the following :

      Choose from a zero deflection high radial load PTFE lined inboard spherical joint with protective dust boots preinstalled over specially machined bushings. The fit of the boot over the spherical joint and bushings is nearly water tight!


      A poly bushing inboard end made from heat treated 4340 forged chromoly housing, thread in grease fitting, zinc plated steel protective sleeves, and race grade greaseable black polyurethane bushings from Energy Suspension.

      You decide which set up you want ! The zero deflection spherical joints are suited for serious track abuse while the poly bushing ends are better suited for daily drivers.

      All GruvenParts control arms feature the following :

      Super strong, heat treated 4340 aircraft grade chromoly rod and ¼” thick U-Joints with machined, internally lubricated (molybdenum disulfide) threads. No weak aluminum is used for these parts (aluminum threads wont hold up).

      Distinct proper wrench adjustment flats machined into the bars which allow for 2” of length adjustment while on the car. There is no knurled hand adjustment nonsense here, ours are simple to adjust.

      Thick, durable powder coat finish (and zinc plating on the poly bushing ends) in your choice of high gloss black or Bilstein jazz blue.

      Made right here in Atlanta, Georgia by our FAA approved commercial aviation machine shop working on state of the art CNC mills and lathes. You wont find many shops working at our level, and you wont find higher quality anywhere !

      We know the economy is tough right now, so we are offering these at prices well under our competition. Buy 2 sets and save !!!

      This product fits Audi TT (2001-2006), Audi A3/S3, VW R32 (2004), VW Golf 4motion and 4motion Variant, VW Bora 4motion and 4motion Variant and replaces P/N 1J0-505-323L (1J0505323L) and 1J0-505-323N (1J0505323N).

      ***Save Big $ when buying these in conjunction with our Adjustable Rear Swaybar End Links and our Adjustable Front Swaybar End Links

      ...And finally...

      TT/R32 Rear Adjustable Control Arm Hardware

      Need to buy 1 off’s for a project? Want new/longer fasteners? Look below for the parts to get the job done!

      - High radial load GENUINE FK JMX Series PTFE lined heim joint kits
      - Custom 4340 Forged, Heat Treated poly bushing ends with Rolled Threads
      - Racing Grade protective rubber dust boots for ¾” heim joints
      - Longer bolt kits - 80mm in length, grade 8.8, zinc plated
      - Headlight Leveling System Bracket

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      Jul 31st, 2007
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      Too many to list !
      07-18-2019 03:09 PM #3
      Looking for parts for your GTI?

      Look no further!

      GruvenParts.com will tend to all your car part needs, whether it be for your GTI or for a wide selection of VW, Audi, and GM cars.

      Contact Us!
      [email protected]

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      Jul 31st, 2007
      Atlanta, GA
      Too many to list !
      08-07-2019 12:59 PM #4

      Lightweight MK4 1.8T / 2.0 Billet Drive Belt Pulleys

      GruvenParts.com offers a complete set of ultra sleek lightweight MK4 1.8T/2.0 power pulleys. These include lightweight billet crank, power steering, tensioner, and alternator pulleys for your MK4 1.8T/2.0 engine. These pulleys are precision CNC'd from aircraft grade billet aluminum and reduce the rotating mass by more than 5 lbs! All pulleys with exception of power steering pulley ARE NORMAL DRIVE (NOT UNDER-DRIVE). Our testing has determined that ONLY the power steering pulley should be under-driven (slightly). All other pulleys in the system rotate at the OEM speed. These pulleys will not change the speed of the supercharger and will not void any supercharger warranties.

      Buy them as a set and save!

      These pulleys replace OEM part numbers :
      06A-105-243E (06A105243E) MK4 1.8T/2.0 crank pulley
      038-145-255A (038145255A) MK4 1.8T/2.0 power steering pulley
      022-903-119 (022903119) MK4 1.8T/2.0 alternator pulley
      06A-903-315E (06A903315E) MK4 1.8T/2.0 tensioner pulley

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      Dec 13th, 2013
      09-06-2019 12:10 PM #5

      A4/S4, A6/S4, Passat, Boxster Stainless Slave Cylinder Bleeder Screws

      GruvenParts.com Introduces Stainless Bleeder Screws for Audi A4/S4, A6/S6, VW Passat and Porsche Boxster!

      Our 303 Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Bleeder Screw replaces the plastic bleeder screw which Audi and VW provide on their clutch slave cylinder P/N 8E0-721-257F (8E0721257F), 8E0-721-257M (8E0721257M), 8E0-721-257A (8E0721257A), and 8E0-721-257B (8E0721257B).

      How many times have you gone to bleed the brakes on your Audi, Passat or Boxster only to round off the hex on the cheap plastic bleeder screw on your clutch slave cylinder? The problem is corrosive brake fluid actually melts the plastic bleeder screw and bonds it into the slave cylinder housing making it impossible to open. This problem makes it impossible to bleed your brakes properly and causes soft brake and clutch pedals. The only remedy until now has been to replace the entire slave cylinder unit, which is expensive, time consuming, and NOT FUN (to say the least!).

      GruvenParts.com has addressed this problem with our new 303 Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Bleeder Screws. We machine these in house on state of the art HAAS CNC lathes and mills with custom screw machining capability to exactly match the OEM threads for a perfect fit. These come complete with preinstalled Viton O-rings for maximum life. The hex will never round off or become stuck in the slave cylinder body and you likely will never need to replace a slave cylinder again.

      This 303 Aircraft Grade Stainless Steel Bleeder Screw replaces the plastic bleeder screw found in clutch slave cylinders P/N P/N 8E0-721-257F (8E0721257F), 8E0-721-257M (8E0721257M), 8E0-721-257A (8E0721257A), and 8E0-721-257B (8E0721257B).

      This product fits the following vehicles :

      Audi A4/S4 1996 thru 2006 1.8T, 2.8L, 3.0L. 4.2L including Quattro
      Audi A6/S6 1995 thru 2005 2.7L, 2.7T, 2.8L, including Quattro and Allroad
      Volkswagen Passat 2000 thru 2005 1.8T, 2.8L including 4 Motion
      Porsche Boxster 1997 thru 2004

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