Hey, I'm looking for some chip for my golf vr6 and i found squareup, they sell on ebay too. Anyone have chip from them or know about some good vendor which is not overpricing and is willing send stuff to eu ? thanks

"This is a Brand New Preprogrammed Performance chip for your OBD1 MK3 VR6.
This chip is PLUG and PLAY. Just remove your old chip and install this one! Note: ECU may need to be socketed or chip soldered to ecu.


Timing optimized for 93 octane fuel.
Lambda tuned for maximum performance.
7000 rpm limiter.
7-12hp and 10-12lb/ft of torque.

Works with a 100% stock car but for maximum performance an intake and exhaust is recommended.

**All tunes and tuned files are written by Me (the seller) and all ecus are flashed by Me (the seller) as well.**"