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    Thread: Introduction maybe

    1. 07-04-2019 08:38 PM #1
      Hello from Tokyo, Japan.
      My name is Rob
      I’m new to this forum and Audi but not new to German cars.
      I have owned and worked on several Porsche and Benz cars, I have done all except opened a transmission. I have always admired and wanted an RS2 or RS4, but was willing to settle for an S4.
      Suddenly an opportunity has come up to own a 2001 RS4. 100,000km.
      The owner decided to sell due to loss of clutch, but I have no idea whatever else is wrong with it.
      My question to this forum is
      1. How long does it take to do the timing belt?
      2.What are the common age related items? 3.Are there some parts makers to be avoided?
      3.How necessary are the special tools and are there work arounds?
      I’ve learnt that on 944/928 some seals should be left alone if they aren’t leaking, others should be replaced regardless.
      4.Is that the same for these cars?
      5. What are the Don’ts when working on these cars?
      6. If I have to do the clutch and t/belt is it better to just remove the engine and transmission together?

      I have a floor jack and above basic tools.

      I’m quite excited and hope the deal closes and I want to be prepared mentally and financially to put the car right.

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    3. 08-03-2019 05:04 AM #2
      Sorry I can't chime in here but GL with sale, that would be bad ass to own.

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    4. 09-07-2019 07:38 AM #3
      She arrived.

      No clutch pedal no radio but it does have a complete dealer service record.

      I changed the clutch master and slave. What a bitch. I only removed the left drive shaft and heat shield. Turns out the master would not accept fluid and the new cheap aftermarket one leaked. I swapped housing and no leaks and I have clutch pressure but not enough to change gears. Can’t seem to bleed the system. I’ll try again tomorrow.
      Can it be bleed from the top?

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    6. 09-11-2019 07:49 PM #4
      Yes I can bleed from the top. Lots of scrapes on my hand and arm.
      Now I have good clutch pressure but occasionally the clutch will disengage allowing me to select a gear. Usually it won’t go into gear.
      If I start the car in gear clutch pedal depressed, the clutch will engage at mid-pedal.
      Why would it work sometimes? Still air I the system?

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    7. 09-15-2019 12:45 AM #5
      Well I went through 1 liter of brake fluid and nothing has changed. So it’s clutch time. I got a parts quote from Audi stealership for $2000 in parts alone.
      I should come in at $400 all in.

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      Yesterday 04:17 PM #6
      Wow, Im super jealous of this. It looks super clean too. Hopefully you can get it driving soon

    9. Yesterday 09:11 PM #7

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