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    Thread: Custom bezel insert - Bakelite style, Seiko SKX009

    1. Member OptimusGlen's Avatar
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      Feb 14th, 2002
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      07-09-2019 11:51 AM #1
      I picked up an SKX a few weeks ago to mod. All off-the-shelf parts except the bezel insert which I designed and built myself. Parts list at the bottom.

      First, the finished product for the TL;DR crowd.

      When I was planning the build I saw some other bakelite style inserts, but the guy making them was having issues and couldn't make any more. So I decided to make my own. It was low quantity, not looking to start producing these, so I opted for 3D printing. To make parts at this fine of scale in an optically acceptable material a desktop 3D printer wouldn't work, so I outsourced to a local company that had the capability. The material is Accura ClearVue.

      EDIT: I've been contacted by a few people asking me to give them my model so that they can do with it as they please (make their own, or manufacture and sell them), the short answer is no, I will not be giving away my model/design or selling it. If you want one, I can get one made for you and only charge you actual printing and shipping costs plus a small amount for my time. They will be provided as raw parts from the printer, I will not be finishing any.

      It started with a 3D model that I made, from there I was able to render a handfull of color options. The back 3 are the first round, the front three are after a couple slight tweaks to the geometry. Submitted an order for two of them as prototypes.

      I received the parts a few days later. The left part is raw, the right part has been sanded. 250, 600, then 1000 grit wet.

      Next, I filled the markings with lume. I got the vintage kit from watchlume.com and only added a tiny amount of the pigment. I used an oiler and a loupe, wiped away any excess.

      The backside was then painted. I used automotive touch up paint because it's readily available in so many colors.

      After that dried I flipped it over and took care of any erroneous paint drips with the 1000 grit. Then cleaned the surface to prep for clear.

      Finally, clear coat on the front face.

      Another coat of clear.

      check to make sure the lume works as intended.

      And finally once it's all dry I installed it. I'll let it cure a day then polish it up a bit more.

      Strap: un-branded eBay piece. solid quality.
      Chapter ring: One Second closer - blasted
      Crystal: crystal times blue AR sapphire top-hat
      Bezel: DLW watches blasted
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      07-09-2019 02:03 PM #2
      Solid work.

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    4. Geriatric Member Hostile's Avatar
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      07-09-2019 02:43 PM #3
      Wow, nice.

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      07-10-2019 04:49 AM #4

    7. 10-09-2019 05:35 AM #5
      How do I get my hands on one of those? Either raw or ready to go?

    8. Member OptimusGlen's Avatar
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      Feb 14th, 2002
      74 R90/6, 957, 914
      10-09-2019 10:31 AM #6
      I can get one printed for you, the cost is steep though. It's not cheap to 3D print an optically clear material at a fine scale that's also durable. I'd charge $100 USD and that includes shipping withn the US 48.

      Another option is a company called Lumed Ceramic Bezel Inserts. After I made this they started offering a similar bezel insert, only theirs is sapphire and has a little different look. It's certainly worth checking out, I purchased one of them too.

      Just an example, they have several color options. theirs is much cheaper, and finished too.


    9. 10-09-2019 09:34 PM #7
      Thank you for the quick response. A bit more than I am willing to spend on my Seiko though. Looks amazing!

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