Hadn't driven one before, so I stopped by a local Infiniti dealer and took a 6-speed 2017 for a spin. This particular car felt like it might have been driven pretty hard in the past, so it's not the best example, but I enjoyed the hell out of it nonetheless.

Some may recall that my GTI was purchased a couple years back after stopping by the VW dealer on a lark, so this thread could have a similar trajectory. I like the idea of having AWD, and the extra power was nice. I love my GTI, and I know some folks prefer the character of the GTI over the R, but the drive definitely gave me pause in a good way. It feels like the perfect daily commuter rocket.

Don't really want to spend $40K on a new one, so I'd probably be looking at 2017s and 2018s. I know we've got a few owners here, so I'm opening this up for any feedback y'all want to share (good or bad). Which transmission do you prefer? Would I be an idiot not to wait for the next-gen GTI/R instead? Seems like it might be a while before they arrive in the U.S.