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    Thread: sudden manual trans fail

    1. 07-13-2019 09:56 AM #1
      Hi guys, Sorry if this answer might be found through a more thorough search but I literally just got home from work and must get to bed. My 2001 Beetle TDI with 270k miles on it and no real issues in the 18 years I've owned it just showed out this morning on my way home. I commute 100 miles round trip. I was only a half mile from home. Stopped at a stop sign. Put it in first, started to move and crossed the highway onto my street and I heard something. I thought I had a flat or something. I pushed the clutch back down and the noise stopped. Let it off again and heard it again...a grinding sound...ONLY when I let off the clutch pedal. I was able to coast the rest of the way home since it is down hill. Got into the driveway and tried again...1st gear hear grinding before I even get my foot off and car doesn't move. Reverse the same. This is the original clutch from the factory. I've had zero signs of any kind of trouble looming from the trans and the fluid level is fine. I'm inclined to believe the clutch has gone kaput. Of course it's saturday so I can't call German Performance Options in Nashville for a consultation until Monday or Tuesday when I'm off work. Opinions??? I appreciate any advice on where to start. Engine is fine. Clutch pedal feels the same until it starts to grab and grind.

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      07-20-2019 06:09 PM #2
      At the end of the day the trans has to come out and parts need to be inspected so there isn't much that we can tell you on here that is going to matter in the end because the end result is going to be the same... trans comes out and diagnosis will confirm the issue. The best you can hope for at this point is that it is not an issue in the gearbox itself, but rather clutch related components in the bell housing (not internal gearbox parts). If it is an issue with clutch related components in the gearbox I doubt it is the clutch friction disc itself but rather the pressure plate or flywheel which are spinning components on the end of the crankshaft and are engaged by the clutch when you release the clutch pedal (disengaged when you press the pedal in). With luck, that's all it is. That will still be a somewhat pricey repair but it will not be as pricey as gearbox issues. The first thing a competent shop will do is check those components. If they check out then it's probably an issue in the gearbox. At that point, it is almost always more cost-effective to just source a used gearbox for a whole replacement than to open up the gearbox and repair the damage.

      Edit: After posting, I realized that your post is a week old so you probably already have your answer. Hope it went as well as possible for you.
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      07-24-2019 04:40 PM #3
      Grinding noise only IN GEAR - 1st or Reverse" and won't go into gear cleanly

      Before the tow truck:

      Should be able to isolate the problem to either Clutch or Transmission

      How does it shift with the engine off and the clutch irrelevant?

      Maybe your clutch hydraulics at fault. Based on braking they just go out. no brakes.

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