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    Thread: OEM rear Badge Camera kit problem

    1. 07-17-2019 08:25 AM #1
      I got the OEM rear badge camera kit. The plug to the radio won't fit into the hose between the grommets. I know what I can do about that. The problem I'm having is how to get under the headliner so I can fish the wires in and down to the floor. Can the headliner drop down a little inorder to see in there? The wires that are in the hose now what is the path or direction of these wires after they go into the headliner? Thanks

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    3. Semi-n00b
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      07-18-2019 04:26 PM #2
      I’m not sure if it drops down or not, I actually used one of those wire fishing sticks from Home Depot, taped the wires to it, and just shoved it in the headliner until it got to the A pillar. It wasn’t sure easy to do, but it probably only took me 30 min to fish it through the headliner. Just take your time

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    4. 07-18-2019 09:00 PM #3
      I was able to drop the rear part of the headliner enough to grab the harness and pull it down through the rear seat side panel and then through the door sill plate up to the console area. The grommet wasn't easily done, I disassembled the head unit connector to make it smaller and wrapped it in tape with a pull cord. I loaded the inside of the grommet with baby powder to act as a buffer and then pulled the harness through. Once the connector was through I then pulled the remaining wires.

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