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    Thread: Off-brand television sets that are actually good.

    1. Banned
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      Jul 15th, 2019
      07-17-2019 10:49 AM #1
      My visit to bestbuy 6 years prior consisted of purchasing a panasonic 55" LCD and not opting for the extended warranty. Surely enough the 5 year warranty would have gone to no use as the set came to its limitations as an on-again off-again background noise conductor.

      This time by I tuned myself to metric that budget down by 65% and purchased a floor model. It walked in without legs or the remote (I use an LG smartphone as the controller), but what is included-- the self-afflicting proclamation that I hone a higher level of sensibility when shuffling through electronically devices for the purchase. A Hisense H9Plus to be precise.

      And it weighs in at a phallic inducing 55" no more or less than what it is replacing. I can muster only so much of a bloodclot given my age and space contraint. Before the purchase I was cluless to the "off-brands" remarkeable 50 year stretch as an electronic company. I am quite relieaved at how well everything works with its built in Android platform and playstore compatibility. For now.

      The picture quality is beyond the cynical expression I handed the good sales fellow, as he slipped $300 of my single dollar bills into the cash tray. Sorry Destiny. Thats my blowjober. And cuts had to be made throughout the household. The floating image of my piggy's back broken lingered about, but as not quiver my frown as I wheeled off the bubble wrapped question mark. Doubting my purchase is a bout I fend off with the supplied receipt and its 60 day return policy.

      The fact that I opted for this unit over a Samsung is a conversation I need not glance over proclaiming the obvious king at a dollar-per-pixel rate. I know what you're thinking. How can it be this satisfactory at the price level and I can assure you its in the form of ULED technology. No, not OLED. U comes long after O in the alphabetic family.

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