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    Thread: No crank

    1. 07-19-2019 10:55 PM #1
      I'm going to dig deep into the forums and look for any leads but has anyone had this problem or heard of someone with this? I was driving home in the rain and hit a deeper spot causing water to be thrown on to the hood of the car. Everything was fine until later that night when I got home, the cooling fans wouldn't turn off. I turned the car on and off and thought I solved the problem until the next morning when the battery was dead. I eventually got it charged and started but then it wouldn't shift out of park. I was then getting a flashing PRNDS but not the typical one where the whole thing flashes, this one was just flashing N or D ( I can't remember this was over a month ago ). I shut the car down and tried restarting but then it doesn't even crank. Eventually I got it towed to the shop where they got a code of no communication to transmission control module. They thought it was the shifter so we ordered a new one and switched it out, no luck. Can anyone help me out this is frustrating!

      I havn't tried starting it manually but I'm sure it will, I feel like it's something electrical but just not experienced enough to know what it could be. Oh, all fuses were also checked

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      07-22-2019 03:26 PM #2
      hey there, no one has replied because they probably don't know the answer. i don't. I have looked around and have never heard of the flashing, singular letters. i'm not sure what you mean by "manually starting" the car. i didn't think we could do that with the dsg, but i've been wrong many a time before...=) do keep us posted.

      shark -

    4. 07-22-2019 03:38 PM #3
      I would unplug the dsg connection, spray it with maf or electrical parts cleaner and once it’s dry, put a dab of bulb grease on it. Actually I would do this to all the connections. But it sounds to me that the water has already done it’s damage.

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    6. 07-23-2019 09:17 PM #4
      Thanks for the replies, Ill post the solution.

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