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    Thread: BPY Cam timing mark TDC, Crank "appears" to be off one tooth

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      Jun 24th, 2019
      07 VW GTI 6-speed
      07-27-2019 04:40 AM #1
      Engine is out of the car for the following event's,

      I made sure the Cam mark was lined up TDC before I pulled off the Crank pulley. I then removed the Crank pulley and marked the Crank sprocket to the TDC mark that was located on lower belt cover.

      So far so good unless you wonder why I didn't check the very freaking specific notch found on the Crank Pulley. I wonder the same

      Replaced the two idler rollers, water pump, tensioner and belt. I followed ECS printable directions and wrapped the belt around the cam then over the water pump and finally to crank sprocket. I made sure there was no slack on the Cam to Crank side of the belt. I kept a close eye on the Cam TDC during install and when I squeezed the belt over the crank sprocket it was a tight fight but I KNOW i didn't wiggle the dang crank sprocket as far as turning it.

      After the tensioner was on and tightened the whole set up looked good and I was happy, I just saved $200 or more on labor (yay me!). I barred the crank sprocket over using the 19mm socket and after 2 full revolutions everything lined up pretty spot on. I slapped on the lower belt cover and then the crank pulley. With the belt cover on and the crank pulley bolted on hand tight the TDC mark on the crank pulley is past the TDC mark on the belt cover. At this point I dropped a few WTF's and walked away to consider why I talked the wife into letting me buy my first German car.

      I removed the pulley and belt cover to discover the witness marks I painted on the sprocket were right where they were supposed to be. I barred the crank a few more times (like 4) and it all still lined up (Cam TDC and my witness marks on the sprocket). With the cover and then the crank pulley back on it is still off as in it's a little to far past TDC. A close observation indicates it appears to be "about" one tooth further forward.

      I'm at a total loss, I thought I knew what I was doing and I know enough to understand that if it is one tooth off it could be more than a little bad... How EXACT are those marks from the factory, I mean I would assume they are quite literal in their placement,,, This is a replacement motor out of a running car that was rear-ended. If the motor ran fine before, do I leave it as it is?? Should I even entertain the idea of removing the belt then barring the crank 1.98 times around (while leaving the Cam alone) and install the belt again to where the crank pulley notch lines up with the TDC mark on the lower belt cover?? To me that feels like playing with fire, IDK WTH to do at this point.

      07 Mk5 GTI 6 speed-manual

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    3. 08-03-2019 09:08 AM #2
      TDC is Top Dead Center for piston #1. Think about it and ignore the marks. Pull the #1 spark plug and figure out when it gets to TOP DEAD CENTER. My highly scientific process is to put the oil dipstick in the #1 cyl spark plug hole, turn the crank until the stick reaches it's highest point.....TDC.

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