Boost control circuit issue
I need help. I have a 2010 golf gtd and after driving it a few days ago upon parking it up I noticed the fan was working really hard and this coincided with flashing glow plug and engine management light illuminated. I plugged in code reader and i got egr cooling valve circuit low, turbo boost control circuit a low and turbo boost control circuit open. Initially I changed the boost control valve to no avail, I then checked the voltage going to the boost control valve and got 3.5 volts which apparently is right. I then to my surprise found that the wiring harness had been resting on the fan and it had cut through damaging 4 wires not severing them but baring them which obviously would cause them to short. I opened the harness and individually taped the wires and secured the harness. This cured the egr fault and the boost control circuit low fault but the boost control circuit open is still there and on testing the voltage again I’ve found that both the wires on the boost control valve are giving 3.5 volts. The car drives much better than it did before but the turbo isn’t boosting there’s a significant lack of power especially up hill you have to build it up. Any thoughts would be appreciated