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    Thread: Brakes won't bleed

    1. 07-29-2019 11:57 PM #1
      We have a 1972 super beetle and the brakes just won't bleed. No matter what, the pedal goes to the floor. Also tried a pressure bleeder. Replaced master (twice because we thought the first one was defective), all rubber lines and wheel cylinders. Is there something I'm missing?
      Any ideas are much appreciated.

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    3. 09-20-2019 01:50 AM #2
      I figured it out so I'll answer my own question just incase someone ever has the same issue and stumbles across this.
      You have to adjust the shoes tight so you can't spin the drum, then bleed the brakes then re-adjust shoes so you can spin the drum and then you should be good.

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      10-15-2019 09:01 PM #3
      Sorry for the late reply, never try to bleed the brakes on your own:


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