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    Thread: Sleeper in the making, adding power to my 2016 tiguan

    1. 08-03-2019 11:21 PM #1
      So i bought a tiguan SE 4motion last october for use as my daily driver with no real plans on modding it. Fast forward to earlier this month and i decided to go APR stage 1. Immediately i realized what i had been missing since i used to have a K04 MK6 GTI. Just recently saw that CTS was having a sale and bought their downpipe along with techtonics tuning catback with borla muffler. Got my tune updated to stage 2 on friday. Also snagged a deal on michelin PSS's from discount tire and had them mounted to my neuspeed rse12 gunmetal wheels that used to be for my GTI. I eventually plan to go K04 with this car as well but for now stage 2 will have to suffice (mods are expensive). This thing drives so much better than stock. The only thing missing would be a trans tune which no one offers for the 6 speed slush box that these cars come with. Also plan on doing lowering springs and shocks and struts.

      PS, photo is with my neuspeed wheels but with my old gti tires on them before i got my new ones

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    3. 08-03-2019 11:24 PM #2
      Good thing you pointed out the tires.

      I wouldn't of even known!

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      08-03-2019 11:47 PM #3
      If you have a 2016 SE, you're missing some things, like Bixenons, aluminum trim roof rails, aluminum trim side moldings (on the exterior)
      Quote Originally Posted by Jezza
      Power and Speed solves many things
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      08-04-2019 01:34 AM #4
      For your information, here in Canada we have Neurotunning that has a adaptative stage 2 with a transmission fix. I am getting it in 2 months once my warranty is over.

      Its quite amazing they say, the users loves it. It wont shift to the 6th speed at 30miles per hour like it does stock.

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      09-19-2019 05:29 PM #5
      I have a 2015 4motion Tiguan. I used to have a mk6 k04 gti also till it got totaled in a wreck. I pulled the k04 turbo off and the apr intercooler and plan to install on the Tiguan now to help this thing move out. I just need to buy a down pipe. I was really hoping someone tuned these transmissions but it Sounds like they don’t?
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      11-01-2019 08:48 AM #6
      From what I have gathered not many will tune the transmissions, but I had talks w/ the owner of United Motorsports maybe a year ago, and he said he SHOULD have a file or our 6spd autos. He noted that if he doesn't, it shouldn't take him much to build one.

      Give United Motorsports a call.
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      11-01-2019 11:32 AM #7

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      11-01-2019 01:47 PM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by CC'ed View Post
      What benefit would a piggyback serve when he already has a superior tune uploaded?

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