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    Thread: Need some help. Some pics of engine

    1. 08-07-2019 09:57 PM #1
      2013 Scirocco R (2.0L, Gasoline, A/T, 65,000 km).

      The last couple of weeks I noticed what seems to be a turbo related issue as sometimes it seems to drive inconsistent (power band). No check engine light, no strange sounds,
      but slight pulling and/or loss of power even when driving very gently (2000 - 2500 rpm). It's hard to explain it but it's very subtle. Sometimes it feels like I'm not getting enough power
      at the lower rpms and sometimes it feels fine. The turbo gauge (defi) needle to me seems like it's a little high in the boost range for the low rpm I'm driving. I don't remember it going up that
      high (1.0 bar) just driving at 2000 - 2500 rpms (when gently accelerating from stop at a traffic light).

      The other thing I noticed is it seems worse when I turn the AC on. When I had the AC on and was stopped at a redlight, I saw the needle moving (not fluttering) between -0.2 to -0.4 vaccuum. It was really swaying back and forth up and down up and down between those two numbers even though I was doing nothing but just foot on the brake waiting at traffic light.
      I decided to turn the AC off and the needle went back down to -0.6 and was steady, not moving anymore. I don't remember the needle ever doing that before so I think something is wrong in combination with the fact that it feels a little off when driving.

      Any ideas/suggestions what it could be?

      Also, I don't know if it's related but I took a look under the hood and noticed what seems to be a bit of oily/dark/wetness around two areas (which I don't know the names for) but I will attach the photos here:

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    3. 08-17-2019 09:02 AM #2
      wow these forums are dead. it's very odd because I know there are lots of vw golf even scirocco owners out there but this site sure doesn't seem to be the place
      to discuss our cars. I still can't find another forum where the vw people gather to discuss but I've found a few general car forums that are much more active and get
      my answers there.

      anyways, nobody will respond to any of these threads in this board but i'll just update my situation.

      Turns out those little damp areas not a concern...very common for vw's....nothing to worry about they said. no cracks or leaks (probably just some vapors escaping over time).

      the issue was a p0441 fault code (evap control system) and we just changed the charcoal cannister, didn't change the N80 evap regulator valve or anything else....seems to have done the trick. Also my car's dipstick wasn't fully sealed in so that's what may have been causing the strange turbo gauge needle to move around during idle with AC on

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      Yesterday 05:36 AM #3
      I would like to apologize upfront for not offering any help with your Scircocco III whatsoever, just some observations.

      I believe VW Vortex is U.S. based and you own a VW that was never sold new here.

      I suggested this forum for somebody who I think has a Scirocco III. I was just browsing and I saw more posts than I expected.

      I have seen a Scirocco III in person in Germany but that's the extent of my knowledge. I can spot one.

      It's up to people like you to revive this forum. It's good that you posted a follow-up even though you didn't receive any help.

      Other Sciroccos are at least 27 years old so the owners can't go to dealers even if they wanted to. Independent shops don't usually remember how to work on them.

      Older = more problems + no dealer support + scarce independent shop support = more posts.

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