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    Thread: 93 Eurovan runs for 3 secs and dies

    1. 08-11-2019 11:03 PM #1
      I had this thing running a few weeks ago, albeit, not the greatest running condition. I took it to Brown Bear car wash and washed out the engine compartment because this thing had been sitting in a field for 10yrs. Drove it back to the shop but it was a little harder to keep it running and had to clutch/gas it to keep it running. Now it starts and dies . Interesting tidbit, IF I pull the ECU relay off it stays on a bit longer (3rd start in video). ANY IDEAS? I’ve already done the following:

      • Replaced all Vacuum hoses/lines
      • New distributor
      • New coil
      • New spark plugs & cables
      • Disassembled throttle housing and cleaned it out
      • Cleaned out Idle Control Valve
      • New Fuel pressure regulator
      • Dropped and cleaned the fuel tank
      • New fuel pump
      • New fuel filter
      • All battery grounds are cleaned up
      • ECU looks great, no overheating marks
      • Cleaned out entire air intake system
      • New air filter
      • New throttle position sensor
      • Cleaned MAF (not required to start & keep engine running, per manual)
      • Flushed coolant system (not required to start engine)
      • New heater core (not required to start engine)
      • New oil & filter
      • Brake system flushed
      • Compression good
      • Fuel pressure good
      • New battery
      • New O2 sensor

      That’s the short list, there’s more but I hope you get the idea. I’ve tried just about everything. Obviously I’m missing something, the ONE thing I can’t figure out!! Below is a video on youtube of the issue in action.


      Thanks Hive Mind!!

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    3. 08-12-2019 12:55 PM #2
      I agree with the comments that Thomas EXOVCDS posted to your video. He's got lots of older Eurovan videos out there and knows his stuff. It does sound like the van is only getting fuel from the cold-start injector and as soon as that is done, you got nothing else going supplying fuel.

      Stupid question maybe - fuel pump fuse? Under the dash with all the other fuses - look on the back of the cover for the mapping (IDK which one). Is that fuse good?

    4. 08-12-2019 03:08 PM #3
      1. Can you keep it running by working the throttle?

      2. Can you keep it running with a little ether/starting fluid?

      3. Check ground wire connection on back left of intake looking into engine bay...closest ground to the injectors.

      4. Put a test light on one of the injectors to verify they are getting pulsed?

      5. It seems like when my MAP (manifold absolute pressure) hose it disconnected my '93 would act like this. So, check that hose and maybe the MAP sensor on the ECU board? My 1993 does NOT have a MAF (mass airflow sensor).

      6. Great write up here: https://vweurovan.fandom.com/wiki/Di...gnition_Basics

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    6. 08-12-2019 08:55 PM #4
      Disconnect the alternator then see what happens.

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