VWVortex.com - After 4 months of waiting, I finally got my manual GLI!
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    Thread: After 4 months of waiting, I finally got my manual GLI!

    1. Member VTECeateR's Avatar
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      Oct 27th, 2000
      Bay Area, CA
      '94 Laguna Blue Miata, '19 GLI, '16 CX-5 GT
      08-14-2019 12:43 AM #1
      The wait was unbearable but it lined up perfectly with the end of my GTI lease (which, btw, was returned with a perfect inspection, and I hear that's very rare).

      Well, aside from still being new and not broken in yet, I am in love with this car. My 2016 GTI SE had ACC but no performance package, this GLI is kind of the opposite. What I have lost in driver aids I've gained in braking and handling. I thought I didn't need the LSD but man, what a difference!

      And how cool is this color? So different in the sun than the shade. I LOVE IT!

      I am getting windows tinted Friday and hope to get an OEM Euro short shifter, if they are the same as the GTI. Of course a tune, but I don't have plans on suspension at this point. Doesn't feel as tall as the GTI.

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    3. Semi-n00b
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      Aug 13th, 2019
      Seattle, WA
      2019 VW Jetta SEL-Premium
      08-14-2019 03:20 AM #2
      Looks amazing! Great color too. Also love the pic next to the MK1 GLI

    4. Junior Member
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      Apr 6th, 2019
      Central NJ
      '19 GLI Autobahn 6MT
      08-14-2019 07:03 AM #3
      Nice photos. Congrats.

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    6. 08-14-2019 02:04 PM #4
      Yeah, great pictures. I have the same car with dsg. Can you check something for me? Check the rims for what looks like uneven clear coat on machined part. Its faint but I think all these wheels might have it. I ask you because in one of the pics I may see it. 4th pic from bottom and bottom spoke of wheel. Looks like swirl marks.
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    7. Banner Advertiser VividRacing's Avatar
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      Sep 18th, 2003
      Gilbert, AZ
      08-14-2019 06:40 PM #5
      Man, I love this. The red accents that color SO well! Congrats!!
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    8. Member
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      Sep 28th, 2003
      '04 330i ZHP
      08-14-2019 07:50 PM #6
      That's the exact car I want. Great photography!

      My kids will love the ambient lighting, wow, lol.

    9. n00b
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      Aug 16th, 2019
      2019 GLI 6 Speed Manual Pyrite Silver, 2019 Mazda CX-5
      08-16-2019 08:46 PM #7
      Very nice! I wanted that colour too but had to settle for pyrite silver. It is nice but not as special as the pure grey. Congrats.

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