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    Thread: 2000 1.8 manual trans linkage adjustment issues

    1. 08-14-2019 02:11 AM #1
      I started having trouble getting it to shift into reverse, so I decided to adjust the shift cables. I followed the instructions to a T and when it was done, the darn thing was all goofed up. I tensioned the cables with the shifter and counterweight locked, but it seemed to move all the gears toward the passenger side or something. Its a lot to explain, but I can go into all that if need be. Anyway, I decided to just do fine adjustments to the cables to see if I could get it working. I got what seems to be 2nd through 5th back, but 1st and reverse are the same no matter which gear I shift into. I adjust it one way a little and its 1st in both positions, I adjust the other way a little and they're both reverse. I'm stumped. I'm pretty sure my bushings in the shifter are shot, but will that muddle 1st and R? I plan on replacing them anyway but I figured it'd mainly be a shifter play issue. Mainly, I need to get down to whats keeping me from driving. I really appreciate any help on this.

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      08-15-2019 10:00 PM #2
      I just went through something similar; based upon my experience @ 100k and a 2002 new beetle. Bottom line: worn bushings, worn shifter stick etc., can make things almost impossible to adjust correctly. (There is just too much play). I finally pulled the whole shifter assembly and rebuilt the whole assembly with new genuine vw parts and some bushings available from Dieselgeek. Note: some parts are not available from vw with out buying expensive whole assemblies; e.g. cable end bushings, under the shifter box, only come with new cables from vw.

      Aside from the shifter box relayed parts; the bushings on the cable ends and relayed parts on top of the transmission, should not be ignored either.

      After going through, replacing. number of bushings; i found after a full rebuild of the trans bushings, shifter box bushings and cable end bushings; i finally, for the first time could adjust the shifter linkage. Now, i can shift correctly; for the first time, after many years (like when my car was new).

      Let me know, how you want to approach your repairs (you can diy; it is doable) and we can discuss what parts to buy and where to get them from. Thanks.
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