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    Thread: 1.8 16v Cabriolet NOOB HELP

    1. 08-14-2019 02:19 AM #1
      Hello everyone,,
      Alright picked up a cabro for a steal. It have a 1.8 16v motor. (This is the forst vw ive ever owned ) so bare with me. . I have a few questions. Im tearing the whole thing down and re doing it bodyy engine bay shave and tuck repaint eveything the whole 9 yard! I want to boost the motor and im aiming for no more then 300 whp. Its only going to be a show/weekend driver when finished . So here we go

      1.) will 2.0 16 v forged pistons be compatible with this motor ?
      2.) what would be a good turbo to run for this motor (nothing crazy)
      3.) what would be a good compression ratio to run with this (yes i know the lower compression ratio the better for boost.
      4.) any good tips or input to help me further this project
      5.) what would be a good bore size for this motor
      6.) how indepth should i go as for building the head
      reversephonelookup.onl/ curated.onl/nba-reddit/

      Thats all i can think of at the koment im quite sure more things will pop up but thats a good enough start . And please no trolling and harsh remarks like i said (This is the first vw ive ever owned soni dont know much abou the motors or cara in general . But i do have have common sense and pretty decent mechanic skills. So nothing is ever impossible . THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE THAT HAS SOME INSIDERS AND USEFELL ANWSERS AND TIPS!!
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      08-14-2019 06:07 AM #2
      These questions would be better asked in the 16V engine forum, really. Cabbies never came factory equipped with the 16V.

      And some info that is far more important than bore size or what to do to the head: what year is the car and what fuel injection system is it it running? All the boost in world is useless if it can't be managed with proper fuel and ignition.

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    4. 08-14-2019 10:45 AM #3
      With those questions you are asking for trolls [like me] to jump on board.

      I admire that you have big goals on your new found project but the projects that seem to go the smoothest are the ones that people search for the answers themselves. There are a boat load of ways to do a project but there is only one way that it will work for you. So asking people what to do is a terrible way to start.

      What turbo do you want? When do you want the boost to come in at? How much boost do you want? What compression do you have? See what I mean? You cannot ask what turbo is best without a lot of information. So your question comes out as a bit ignorant.

      Can 2.0 pistons go into a 1.8 block? Again, with a little searching, you will find the bores to be different and therefore, without machining, they will not fit. If you want 2.0 liters, then you would need a crank too. Then you may have to do a bit of clearancing to make all that stuff work. So again, you need to spend time researching vs asking questions.

      What's a good bore size? The size that fits the pistons you got.

      Have you rebuilt a cylinder head? Do you have the tools to do that? Probably not. Spend time to find a good machine shop. Bring lots of money.

      What good tips? Spend some time with Google and see what others have done. Find out with all of the projects that others have done and see what works for you. Do you have a place to work on the car for several years? If not, I would not even start till you do.

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