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    Thread: sticking valves???

    1. 08-14-2019 08:07 PM #1
      Hey team, I'm having some issues with my 1776cc beetle, lately she's been running on the rear two cylinders only on a 4yo engine. Ive noticed there is some heavy sticking going on when I wind the ignition over on the starter motor. The motor will slow right down and almost stick on one or two of the cylinders as it is running through the start up process. I recently ran a degreaser additive through it, during the oil change I would turn the engine over to get the rest of the oil moving out of the filter, the engine for the first time DIDNT STICK or slow down at all while the starter motor was running (with no oil in the case). I topped her up with oil and she's back to sticking on start up- will run- (still on 2 and very rough) but I've been pulling the front 2 plugs that aren't running every 30 minutes of engine run time and they are completely black with carbon. Ive run through the electrical system and its all running good with a good spark coming to the plugs etc. still unsure about the condenser, but id love to get some solid feedback on this.. Thanks a lot!!!!

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      08-24-2019 08:18 PM #2
      Valves sticking is not likely. Unless the rocker arms are broken or something. Do a compression check.

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