Hello, I'm sure this thread was here before but I need an advice before I let somebody to repair it.

So I have 2014 Jetta 1.8 TSI and I have a P0011 code pop up for a long time now. I'm sure many of You here know the symptoms like bumping engine while idle or sometimes during driving, engine rotation jumping and MPG way lower than at the begining. So I took it to one shop where they did a diagnostic and it showed misfire in all cylinders - the same amount on each one, also it showed abnormalities in VVT solenoid where it showed no 0.0 value where it supposed to have one, and abnormal value in a second column which was 37.70. The guy told me that it is most likely related to electrical problem with a solenoid and he cannot fix it. I took it to the other shop today and they told me it is related to timing chain but they didn't say what exactly and the labor with no parts will be about $800. Now I don't know much about it but what if they are wrong and they won't fix it properly I would throw money I don't have in a trash. So please if anyone had some experience with that let me know.