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    Thread: Repairing very small rust spots on hood

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      Aug 10th, 2007
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      08-28-2019 12:20 PM #1
      I've had my Audi for a very long time at this point and "technically" plan to move onto another model in a couple more years. It's overall in very nice presentable condition with only minor spots of body damage (a shallow swipe on 2 quarter panels, some "dog bites" to the rear bumper cover). The paint is still in great condition despite having detailed it only a few times during ownership.

      However, I have recently taken notice of some very tiny rust spots on the hood, towards the front end. Maybe a total of 10, with only 2~3 being the largest of about 2mm in width. It doesn't seem like enough to warrant a paint job. But I want to stop the rust from spreading.

      Has anyone here done this as a DIY, and if so, do you have any recommendations on how to go about doing it? I expect that something along the lines of scraping off the visible rust, priming, then applying touch-up, followed by polishing to flatten any raised surface. But rather than just winging it, I'd prefer to follow a procedure someone else has found to work well. Thanks.

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    3. 09-08-2019 07:23 PM #2
      dremel with a tiny carbide burr works great for getting every speck of rust out. then spot prime/paint. and flat down with fine paper then polish. pretty much what you said yourself

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