VWVortex.com - Split panorama - how do I figure out the dimensions for each piece?
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    Thread: Split panorama - how do I figure out the dimensions for each piece?

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      Sep 6th, 2008
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      08-28-2019 02:27 PM #1
      I have a panorama shot that I took recently that I want to get printed, however I would like to split it up into 3 or 4 individual pieces instead of getting a single long panorama printed. But, how do I go about figuring what dimensions each piece should be? The image was made up of 4 individual shots, but when merging to a panorama in Lightroom it automatically crops some of the images. As it is, it's 12,706 x 2,369 pixels / 52.942 x 9.871 inches. The original images that the panorama was made up from would have been 16.825 x 12.604" I am not against the possibility of having to crop a little more from the sides if needed, but would prefer to retain as much of the originals as possible.

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      08-29-2019 07:41 AM #2
      I use Bay Photo for most of my work.
      They offer Wall Clusters and Splits.
      Check out their link / call customer service they should be able to do what you want.

    4. 06-07-2020 11:19 PM #3
      I am really glad for this, thank you very much

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