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    Thread: K03 to K04-001 problem

    1. 09-07-2019 11:36 AM #1
      I am in the process of converting ibiza cupra with AQX motor, k03 original turbo, to K004-001,
      For now it should fit, but i have wastegate with 2 vacuum lines, and on new one, I have only one,
      Where should i connect with another one?

      bdw, i cant replace the wg, because "new" one opens up more than old one

      Thanks in advance

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    3. Senior Member Vegeta Gti's Avatar
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      09-07-2019 03:25 PM #2
      Do you have the appropriate software? Injectors? Etc.

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      Quote Originally Posted by .Ant View Post
      What vegeta said.

    4. 09-07-2019 03:28 PM #3
      For now it is remaped from 150 to 180hp, guy that remaps told me i should get 10-15hp, because ecu has some default settings that will keep it running,
      And when i install turbo, and bigger IC, i will go to remap it again,
      Not going for bigger injectors, i am keeping it max with this stock injectors for now

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    6. Junior Member THEWIDOWSON's Avatar
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      09-08-2019 10:44 AM #4
      Typically the single line on the k04 runs from the middle of the n75 down onto the wastegate actuator. Correct me if im wrong but doesn't the second line on your factory turbo run to the combi valve? Because if it does you should just be able to plug it.
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