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    Thread: VW 508 Spec Oil Retailers??

    1. 09-08-2019 03:53 PM #1
      Looking for some collective wisdom from any newer VW owners who have models that need the new vw508 specd oil. I am approaching 5000k in my 2019 GTI so I began tracking down supplies for an oil change and found out that the 19 GTIs are supposed to get the new vw508 spec oil in 0W-20 weight. No problem finding full synth 0W-20 oil but have only found three types that currently meet the vw508 spec: Castrol EDGE Professional LL IV FE 0W-20, mobil 1 esp x2 0w-20, and motul specific 508 00 509 00 0w20. Unfortunately NO retailer (even online) I have found sells any of them except the Motul which I can get from Europarts for $75 for 6 quarts + $17 shipping. For that price I can just go let the dealer do it. My question is has anybody purchased any of this liquid gold from anyone other than their dealer? Seems ridiculous not to be able to find oil for a car. Before a bunch of folks start suggesting just use something out of spec I have 5.5 years worth of warranty left and am not interested in getting into a battle with the dealer or VW if I need a repair because they don't like the oil I used. May not happen but rather avoid a potential headache. Any help with this is appreciated!!

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    3. 09-09-2019 08:30 AM #2
      Amazon has the Liqui Moly 0w-20 508 top tec 6200 oil
      Amazon also lists the Pentosin 508 oil but is out of stock for the moment
      Ravenol told me that they will eventually have it available too

      Nothing wrong with Castrol from the dealer until the inventory ramps up online

      Ecstuning vividracing as well as other vw/import shops have 508 oil

      My msrp also had two free services at 10k and 20k miles

      What I put in between those intervals they wont know about
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    4. Member Ichabod0525's Avatar
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      Feb 11th, 2018
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      09-09-2019 11:52 AM #3
      FCP Euro 0W20 Top Tec 6200 Engine Oil (5 Liter) - Liqui Moly LM20238 $74.36 FREE SHIPPING. I've had good experience ordering from this retailer even though they are clear across the country from me. Call them and they can probably put together a 'Kit' for you at a better discount including the filter and drain plug.
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    6. Member quailallstar's Avatar
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      09-11-2019 05:31 PM #4
      Below is the Liqui Moly spec sheet for Top Tec 6200 0W-20 508 00/509 00 if anyone wants it.

      Specs: https://pim.liqui-moly.de/pidoc/P004...20-27.0-en.pdf

      Product page: https://products.liqui-moly.com/top-...0-0w-20-7.html

      The spec sheet says oil is green in color. Would that be only when viewed under a UV light? Someone on Amazon purchased this oil and claims it pours amber in color
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    7. 09-11-2019 07:14 PM #5
      Visual dye so no UV light is needed.

      I won't buy it from Amazon until that buyer provides more info. Could be bad returns or possibly a knock-off which wouldnt be the 1st time from an online retailer.

    8. Member tagsvags's Avatar
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      09-13-2019 09:48 AM #6
      I purchased my 508.00 oil from BLAU parts.
      Good price and good service. They sell Ravenol.

    9. Semi-n00b
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      Sep 15th, 2019
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      Today 08:45 PM #7
      It worth looking at Total Quartz Ineo Long Life 0W-20, complies with VW 508 00. It will be my pick for my 2019 Tiguan 2.0 TSI EA888 gen3-B

      V100 = 8.1
      V40= 40
      VI= 183
      Pour Point = -66 C

      I spoke with Total tech rep, here are extra info:

      HTHS = 2.98
      NOACK 9.5%

      One of the best out there.

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