VWVortex.com - 2004 new beetle won't hold charge, won't start
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    Thread: 2004 new beetle won't hold charge, won't start

    1. 09-09-2019 08:34 PM #1
      I've a 2004 new beetle convertible. Been having an electrical problem since this spring where the battery discharges overnight. New alternator didn't help and the battery passes a load test, so still working on that problem. Car has sat for about 4 weeks while we were on vacation, but had been running before we left. Put the charger on it this weekend so I could move the car and charged it overnight. Now it turns over but will not start haven't checked the obvious spark or fuel yet but it's a bit of a mystery why that was working middle of august and non compliant now. Any mechanics have a clue

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    3. Member vdubbugman53's Avatar
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      09-09-2019 09:27 PM #2
      Aside for getting someone with a VAG to scan it you will want an amp meeter to check load on circuits and start narrowing them down one by one.

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    4. Member billymade's Avatar
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      09-10-2019 10:04 PM #3
      The throttle body settings; are typically lost, when the battery goes dead and this can cause a no start condition. A clean and. throttle body alignment, maybe something to try:


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