Backstory: I bought the car from a dealer with just one owner and very clean. I wanted drilled rotors and was able to find some on the forums that were new for a good price. I took it down to the guy that did my dp and APR stgII+ to swap out the rotors. Later in the day I get a call that the rotors and calipers did not match and he felt the calipers were from a Jetta GL, the rotors were 11" instead of the 13" that came with an R. He also said that the pads were missing the cable to connect to the ABS system. I swear that there was no lights on the dash for the 3 months before I took that car in and now it has the ABS, ECS, TPMS, and Steering Wheel.

I took it in again, this time I had a set of rotors(StopTech slotted/drilled), pads(EBC Yellow stuff), brake calipers/carriers(from a MkVII R), ECS SS lines and got them installed. I bought the MkVII's because the guy I got them from said it is becoming harder to get the MkVI calipers in good used condition. The issue is now when I try and clear the codes with a VCDS tool the error codes come right back. Is there something else I need to do to get these codes cleared?