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    Thread: ABS fuse missing? 2002 EV

    1. 09-15-2019 07:02 PM #1
      Weird. When I look at the lower fuse diagram in my owner's manual I see there's supposed to be a fuse called "ABS CONTROL UNIT" in #5 slot (10 amp). However, when I look in the actual lower fuse compartment I see nothing in the slot? Is this normal? Anybody have a similar "missing" fuse? Could it be a reason why my ABS/ESP light is on the dash aside from other possibilities like speed sensors or the (gulp) ABS Module?


      Thanks for your time!

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    3. 09-17-2019 07:38 PM #2
      I just checked my van and the entire left half of that bottom row is empty. I have no ABS/ESP issues.

      I've found that accurate fuse/wiring information for these vans seems to be hard to come by.

      You should scan your vehicle with VCDS to see what's causing the faults. Typically for ABS/ESP on these vans it's a wheel speed sensor.

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