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    Thread: 06 MK5 Jetta new Cv Axel won’t drive

    1. 09-16-2019 07:33 PM #1
      Replaced my passenger side CV axel and went to go drive the car and I got one tire to spin but not the other. Jacked it, took both front tires off and put it in reverse to see if I had a seized caliper. No seized caliper. Rotor spins just fine on the passenger side. When I put it in reverse the driver side axel spins at the normal rate but the passenger side wasn’t moving at all. Put in in neutral, passenger side axel spins both forwards and back. I’m freaking out wondering if I busted my transmission.

      Can I for sure diagnose that it is in fact the tranny before O start about replacing it?

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      09-17-2019 07:19 PM #2
      Normal. Put the tires on it and drive. Also watch the movie My Cousin Vinnie.

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