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    Thread: A cautionary story about DBW LLC

    1. 09-16-2019 11:34 PM #1
      I put this up in a different section, but it was suggested that I put it here as well.

      In January 2018 I ordered a set of injectors from Peter at DBW LLC using their hot swap program. As part of this, paid a $600 deposit for the cores and tools. While Peter was initially responsive with my questions prior to the order, he has been consistently slow and responsive with virtually everything since then. I will readily admit that I missed the initial return window, and an argument can certainly be made that a complete refund can’t be expected. That’s fine. What isn’t fine is that over a year later, Peter is still holding my $600 deposit, the injector cores I sent in, and the tools I returned. He has sent me a set that includes a #3 injector with a damaged wire, and possibly damage to the others. It is definitely not the set I sent him.

      This is a summary of how it has gone. I’ve included a more detailed timeline further below.
      • The injectors were shipped to me without the tools necessary to install them that were supposed to be part of the package. This meant the weekend I had set aside to install them couldn’t be used. Frustrating. It was also frustrating that it took multiple messages about this to get the tools sent
      • After finally receiving the tools, between weather, birthday stuff for my child and business travel, I was finally able to install the injectors. At this point I was past the 21-day business day return window. I checked on the site a couple times and somehow missed it. I don’t know how I missed, but I did. I’ll readily admit that.
      • During the replacement, I found that my injector had a damaged #3 wire. I emailed Peter about this and he said to find one on ebay and send it in along with the rest and they would credit back the full amount. Since I was already past the return window, this seems like an opportune time for him to have mentioned it. He didn’t mention it when I sent follow-up questions either.
      • I didn’t see good replacements on ebay immediately, so I checked back a couple times and eventually found a good one and returned everything in July. It seemed later than ideal, but Peter hadn’t said anything about a date to get everything in. Just, “Yeah we cannot except any damage number three injector wires if you can see if you can source one on eBay that does not have a damaged wire and you can send that in with your set and then we can credit back the full amount“
      • A month went by after the return and I hadn’t heard anything. After a couple messages, Peter said they were too late, he had to spend the deposit on replacement, and I could have a partial refund or he could return mine. I asked what the option for a partial refund would be. I never received a response.
      • After several additional follow-ups, Peter eventually shipped me a set of injectors. These were not mine. They appear to be in poor condition overall, and the wire of the #3 injector is damaged. I have asked how he would like to resolve this and the only response I have received is that tools aren’t covered by the deposit. It has been a week since I sent a response to that and there has been no response.

      Here are the issues I have:
      • Peter has been extraordinarily slow to respond throughout almost the entire process, and has consistently required reminders in order to get a response.
      • While Peter seems intent on holding me to a 21-day window, he has taken as much time as he has liked for everything else.
      • He says that the $600 deposit was used to purchase new injectors. Looking at the price of used injectors, you could buy at least two, maybe three sets for this amount. Again, I understand a partial refund because, but saying that the entire deposit is unavailable because it was spent on replacement appears dishonest.
      • If the tools genuinely weren’t covered by the deposit, there should have been some contact from him requesting their return, or additional payment. Prior to sending them back, this had not been done. Peter was presumably happy with having the $600 and not the tools or the injector cores
      • Over a year after returning my cores, Peter still has my $600, usable cores, and the toolset

      Here’s the timeline. I have also put up screenshots of all of our emails here - https://imgur.com/a/sfEhlXI

      • 13 January 2018 – initial inquiry
      • 13 January 2018 – response from Peter. Quick and informative
      • 17 January 2018 – order placed
      • 19 January 2018 – fedex email received saying that package is expected to be shipped that day (it wasn’t)
      • 22 January 2018 – fedex email saying package has actually shipped
      • 23 January 2019 – package received
      • 1 February 2018 – in preparation to install, I go through the package. The tools are missing. An email is sent to Peter
      • Unknown date – additional message sent through DBW website about missing tools
      • 7 February 2018 – email sent again about missing tools
      • 8 February 2018 – response that tools have been sent.
      • 9 February 2018 – tools are delivered
      • 16 March 2018 – I replace the injectors and find that my #3 injector had a crimp connecting the cable. Knowing this is likely a problem I ask Peter
      • 16 March 2018 – Peter replies that this will be a problem and suggests that I look on ebay for a replacement so I can get a full refund. He does not mention a time frame.
      • 18 March 2018 – I ask whether the connector matter. He never responds
      • Since I wasn’t given a deadline, I occasionally check ebay to find a replacement that appears to be in good condition that has the same connector
      • 10 July 2018 – injector cores and tools shipped to DBW
      • 11 August 2018 – since there has been no communication, I check in
      • 21 August 2018 – since there has again been no communication, I check in again
      • 22 August 2018 – Peter says the cores were received 5 months past the maximum return date. He offers a partial refund (undefined) or a return
      • 30 August 2018 – I ask what he has in mind for the partial refund
      • Much time lapses
      • 5 August 2019 – I ask about the refund again
      • 18 August 2019 – I again ask
      • 18 August 2019 – Peter says they used the deposit to purchase replacements, and says they are not eligible
      • 18 August – I request that my cores and tools be returned
      • 29 August – as there has again been no response I ask if they have shipped
      • 3 September – another reminder email from me to Peter
      • 3 September – Peter says he has a set to return to me
      • 6 September – I receive a set of injectors. These are not the ones I sent in. The wire on the #3 injector is damaged, and the other injectors show signs of damage. The tools were also not returned.
      • 6 September – I send an email to Peter about my concerns about the damage to the #3 injector and the missing tools
      • 10 September – I sent another reminder to him
      • 10 September – Peter responds that it was a core deposit, not a tool deposit. He ignores the #3 injector
      • 10 September – I reply that it appears that the tools should be covered. And point out he didn’t respond about the #3 injector.
      • Nothing has since been received from him

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      09-28-2019 07:53 PM #2
      Interesting... I’ve dealt with him twice, although through Kerma, and didn’t have an issue.

      First time was through the hot swap program and the other, I sent in cores. I never received the tools, though.

      Did you use a CC? If so, dispute the charge.


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