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    Thread: Alternate forums (for sourcing info, parts, etc)

    1. Semi-n00b
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      Sep 7th, 2019
      Washington DC
      2004 Jetta GLI
      09-17-2019 08:41 AM #1
      Has anyone noticed that other VW forums appear subpar (to put it lightly)? Correct me if I'm wrong but I literally couldn't find another VW forum that had the organization, liveliness, sheer amount of content, etc that vwvortex does. My primary goal was to keep my eyes peeled for parts I'm searching for, but thought that in the event I couldn't find info on an issue that I could look elsewhere. 2-3 other forums had broken header links, no posts since 2016 in some forums (I have a mk4 gli), classifieds seem to be a large room of every make/model/year...lol. Figured I'd ask around before I waste more time. I'm more frustrated I won't get those minutes back of my life lol.

      -Breath- So anyone have any tips on searching alternate sources to find parts and info, particularly on older vw's? My home is def vwvortex though. Has been since 2005 (wasn't registered, just read up on things all the time).

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    3. Member Rockerchick's Avatar
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      May 10th, 2005
      Cary, NC
      '16 GTI Autobahn PP, 20th Anniversary GTI, '84 Jetta TD, '82 Rabbit Pickup
      09-17-2019 09:08 AM #2
      Even Vortex is dying. It has nowhere near the activity that it used to. Everything is moving to Facebook.

      I would look for model specific or local VW Facebook groups. We've been buying and selling there more now. Not a fan of it, but its just where things are going.
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