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    Thread: Good way to checking timing on FSI? BPY

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      09-18-2019 09:53 PM #1
      Long story short, my water pump seized and it shredded the teeth off my timing belt, all but about 1/4" of one edge. While the OT marks still lined up, I have no compression on any cylinders. New belt is on. I thought that since some teeth were still on there, that the engine was okay, even though it died and I had to have it towed. Dunno.

      I want to check timing before I decide that valves are bent and I take off the head. Any help?

      I have no codes in VAG-COM.

      Should I get ahold of a borescope and check out the cylinder jug and pistons?
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      2008 Passat Komfort Wagon - 2.0T FSI

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    3. 09-23-2019 08:56 AM #2
      Put cylinder 1 at TDC. Take the valve cover off and look at cylinder 4 intake and exhaust valve lobes. They should be pointing at each other and symmetrical with the exact distance to from the lobes to the top of the head. If the lobes are not symmetrical, your timing is off.

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