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    Thread: Issue with 2007 Jetta 09G in extreme heat

    1. 10-05-2019 08:37 AM #1
      Posted this previously on the Jetta V forum, now reposting here. Issue with 2007 VW Jetta 2.5 with 09G 6-speed automatic. Had a major problem with the transmission slipping and hard shifting into reverse etc. when the transmission got up to normal operating temperature. Was lucky enough to find what appeared to be a serviceable valve body from a donor car in the pull-and-pay yard. After replacement and with clean fluid at the correct level and a new filter, the transmission appeared to be working perfectly. (put about 500 miles on it driving from Ohio to Georgia without issue, although the outside temperature during that trip did not exceed 85) Had an issue with the car about three weeks ago, outside temperature about 95 deg F, and the engine/transmission started acting up. Press on gas and car would not go. Girlfriend was able to get car back home by putting it in manual mode and nursing it home. Car towed to vw/audi independent shop next day; driven home overnight by one of the shop’s mechanics but could find nothing wrong. They did find a cylinder-5 misfire. Upon my inspection with my vag-com last weekend did not find any faults on the TCM. Thinking that the alternator may have been overworked in the high temperature (+93) I changed the alternator, the 5 coilpacks and the gas cap. Couple days ago was extremely hot (+93) and once again car is not going when you press on the gas, with a significant delay until it does engage and move. Once car got moving and reached about 40mph car appeared to be working "normally". Come to a stop and have to restart, problem would return. Car was shut off for about one hour, after which the car started and went into gear as it normally would from a stop. What is the actual limp mode for this transmission? Is it just stuck in 3rd, which might explain why it is so hard to get going but runs half way decent as speed increases. Thinking bout changing the external transmission oil cooler; does this model actually have an inline transmission cooler thermostat. Any suggestion (No not getting rid of the car, Ha Ha) would be greatly appreciated

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      10-21-2019 03:49 PM #2
      The 1st question I would try to answer is if the ATF is actually hotter than what it should be, is the transmission hotter?
      Did you scan the TCM?....did you check again the ATF level after traveling those 500miles?
      When you change the valve body, did you re-use your solenoids or did you use the solenoids from the donor car?

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