Hello everyone,,
I thought a fun way to pick up Kannada would be to see Kannada movies. Any recommendations, preferably modern movies (as much as I appreciate Rajkumar and his contemporaries' contribution to the industry). I am really not interested in 'masala movies' with stunts and songs.

Already saw U-Turn hoblist.com/movies/kannada, ending was quite lazy and disappointing, but technically quite well made. Planning on seeing Thithi next, high expectations. (Since they are on Netflix)

Needless to say, the movie would need to have subtitles, which I would assume rule out most of the oldies anyway. I heard quite a lot about kirik party, is it any good? Also, I guess Lucia is a must watch so I'd watch that too. Also that movie about the bald dude (motté something) produced by Pawan Kumar caught eye. Will wait for that too.

Feel free to suggest your favourites.